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Montreal Canadiens 100 Seasons series homepage.

Note for all readers and Canadiens Fans:

The Montreal Canadiens 100 Seasons has been all consuming project for me to undertake starting this past summer. I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have had digging it up. I always thought that there should be one single place online, almost like a web book, where much of this could be found. Now, hopefully, I can make that a reality.

As of July 31, 2008, I had completed documenting roughly about half of the team's history. As I continue to write and research these pieces, I will begin posting on a bi-weekly schedule, while continuing to post the Habs current going's since training camp's beginning.

In order to allow readers to bookmark this series in an easier manner than searching through scattered posts, this page can serve as a one stop link up for checking in on new entries. Most recent entries are at the top

Thanks for tuning in.

1926-27 Hainsworth Revives Canadiens
1925-26 All That Could Stop Georges Vezina
1924-25 The Forum And Two New Rivalries
1923-24 With Morenz Comes A Second Cup
1922-23 The Newsy Era Ends, A New One Begins
1921-22 Three Musketeers, Two Cleghorns, And One Bad News Newsy
1920-21 Aging Canadiens Fall Short
1919-20 Newsy And Joe Malone Battle It Out
1918-19 The Cup That Almost Was
1917-18 Malone Paces Canadiens In NHL Launch
1916-17 Cupless In Seattle
1915-16 The First Of Many Stanleys
1914-15 A Hard Fall To Last Place
1913-14 Rising Canadiens Miss Cannonball
1912-13 Newsy Returns
1911-12 Newsy Goes West
1910-11 Vezina Arrives
1909-10 A Team Is Born