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Tucker Eats Bouillon's Nuckles

Here's the YouTube clip of Francis Bouillon's bloodying of Darcy Tucker's snoz.

After Bouillon hit Kyle Wellwood with a clean solid hit, Tucker nails him while he's in a compromising position. Tucker got 2 for charging right away.

Once Bouillon got up, he flung down the gloves and went straight after Tucker who coiled in his usual manner. After the refs jumped in, Tucker not coincidently, found an ounce of nerve and got in close to get yappy with Bouillon.

With Tucker's face within his reach, Bouillon cranked him a good one.

Looks good on you Darcy - nice way to sabotage your teams momentum!

Bouillon is not a guy to mess with. He might only be all of 5' 8" and 195 lbs, but he's solid muscle head to toe. The guy's bicepts are the size of a football!

One thing I noticed about Tucker after this happened was I barely noticed him at all. Funny how that happens!