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Prayers Out To The Gainey Family

As of midnight tonight the search for Laura Gainey by Canadian and U.S. coast guards C-130's have been futile and efforts have been suspended. This is the saddest of realities and outcomes. There is little hope, if any, left - unless one believes in miracles. This loss is nothing less than a nightmare for the Gainey family. While most families suffering a tragedy in their lifetime tend to bond and strengthen, while never forgetting the void a loved one's loss leaves behind, it is unthinkable that a family should have to deal with it twice. It becomes even tougher when it hits a public family, whose patriarch is a very private man. There really is no way to make sense of such tragedies. Nothing one can say that makes much difference. Thoughts and prayers help some, along with heartfelt condolences and respecting family wishes in such times. Godspeed and strength to Bob Gainey, his daughters Anna and Colleen, and his son Steven.