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Merry Blogging Christmas

Back in July when I started this blog, I had no idea what would become of it. I knew I would have plenty to write about but I had zero technical insight of the mechanics of how to run the thing. Posting, site design, layouts, and sidebar management were all quite alien to me. In short, I was greener than an old Whalers jersey.

At the time, my writing outlet consisted of the sports section of my local paper. I was unsure if I would be able to transfer those types of thought into a blog.

The first blog I'd ever read was the Erin Nicks' Universal Cynic. I'd become a fan of her columns in the Ottawa Sun and communicated with her a number of times. Once she'd set hers up, I read it and studied it with much envy. Erin encouraged me to try my hand at one and gave me numerous bits of advice to helped me out with EOTP's baby steps. I owe her much gratitude.

Through the UC site, I became aquainted with dozens of other blogs, of which you see in my sidebar. The good writing I witnessed in some excellent blogs urged me to shoot for the moon. In those blogs, I made several long distance friends in the past six months. Along the way, people such as Tapeleg, Zandstorm and Hodge, Ingmar, and Earl Sleek, to name but the earliest, all provided me with great ideas, inspiration and encouragement. I wouldn't be doing this in this manner had I not encountered them.

Since then, this blog has turned into quite a monster for me. When I hit a rut back a few months ago, those same friends threw me a rope. I'm glad they did!

I'm also glad for the numerous links to sites many of you have provided mine through the past six months. May the growth of our sites always be linked to a shared kinship.

This post is my 200th since starting, and oddly it coincides with Christmas. I thought it a good opportunity to not only say thanks at this point, but to also send a happy Christmas message along with some New Years wishes to all the pals out there in blogger land.

So with out further ado...

To Zandstrom, Hodge and Beaner at Waiting for Stanley, may they be blessed with Maple Leaf and Canuck winning streaks in the New Year, giving them tons of positive news to write about. May the Jan Bulis suckometer be retired when he is packaged off to Columbus in return for Anson Carter. May the Maple Leafs infirmary cease to imitate the Canadiens dressing rooms of yore. May both teams go on a mad post season push so that they can continue to wildly blog up until the Canadiens hoist the Cup.

For Tapeleg at Jersey's and Hockey Love, may the site he envisions become a successful reality. May a chance encounter with Jose Theodore not only net him an autographed jersey, but also a sample of Theo's propecia hair tonic. May he get his most deepest wish (mine also) and have David Aebischer returned to the Rockies unmolested and with confidence intact.

To Erin at TUC, may she one day take up Bruce Garrioch's seat at the Sun and in the Sens Pressbox. There would probably be room left for the Driver to fit in as well. May the Sun stop dictating she write about subjects she'd rather not consider and add 200 words to her Sunday space. May the Sens get their act together, head for the post season and encounter the Habs for a change. May she land the scoop of the year and find John Muckler naked and wasted on skid row with her cell cam. Check out her Bruce Garrioch Boo Boo Dancing Avatar!

For Sleek at Battle of California, an actual playoff battle between the Ducks and Kings, with an intrusion of Sharks. May the Anaheim penalty box be the site of one wicked scrap that gets bystander Earl on national sports television with an eyewitness account that he gets handsomely renumerated for.

To Wardo at Leafs Club, a goalie who resembles Andrew Raycroft in his rookie season. May he be bestowed with the honour of writing a piece that mends the gap between the Leafs and Dave Keon. May he stand on the red carpet, close enough to see Keon's tears of joy as #14 is raised and rightfully honoured. May he find a time warp and discover a 30 hour day, giving him extra hours and space to provide us all with more of his excellent content and insight into the Leafs. May Leaf Nation develope his conciousness and concise ability to see things as they rightfully are.
To Golbez at Hockey Rants, my prized red, white and blue Crosby jersey. Yes, I know he'll likely set it on fire!

For Ninja at Raking Leafs, a calculator that does one touch hockey stats making him the envy of the bloggosphere. May he also warp into that 30 hour zone during another Leafs winning streak. May the Buds continue to cream the Senators by large margins.

To Alex at Hockey Guru, a return to the bloggosphere. I miss that Swiss perspective on the game. Get back soon!

To Ingmar at Bergman Shoots and Scores, anything Blues related to write about or more time to blog on any subject. I'm beginning to believe my own fictional story of your abduction - maybe that space suit has something to do with it! Please write!

To E at Theory of Ice, all the Habs goodness you can handle! Your annual pilgrimage has already lasted too long for me. May you return to find that the winning streak you left is still current. May your site continue to evolve - I enjoy it quite alot.

For Alanah at Canucks and Beyond, continued prosperity beyond the Canucks current state of firepower. May they learn to score as well as you! For all those of who may be wondering just what the "beyond" is all about, click here to see Alanah's elfin christmas pole dance. Sexy doesn't even begin to describe it! Hot stuff indeed!

Mike Chen posted a beauty for the season - Festivus: Grievances and Feats of Strength for the 30 NHL teams. A great post - check it out!

To all the readers out there, a Merry Blogging Christmas!