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Laura Gainey Update

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I haven't posted anything on the loss of Laura Gainey for a few days now. I'm still quite saddened by the whole story and I gather many are also.

Sadly, it seems there will be no good news, no miracle, just coping with the tragedy for the family, reflecting on her life by those close to her and strangers whom she never met.

There has been quite an astounding amount of both public and private outpourings for the grief endured by Bob Gainey and his family. Hopefully, this a comfort to the family in this most trying of times. Bob Gainey is a very well respected man. Judging by the amount of press the story has garnered world wide and by the general respectful quality of the considered pieces written on his life and trials, the world mourns alongside of him.

On my site, I was quite resigned to not writing about Ms. Gainey's loss beyond what I'd already written and linked to. The half dozen or so posts I'd put up seemed to cover all that there was to say. I simply decided I would keep an eye on my site meter to see if an interest was maintained in the story and I would re-evaluate what I'd do by weeks end.

Considering who Bob Gainey is, I'm not entirely surprised to note that interest has hardly waned in the ten days since the story first broke. The story is of such a heartwrenching and desparing nature. There is also a componant of due compassion attached to the tale of Laura Gainey, who amongst her many qualities, was very much a survivor of sorts, having had a difficult life at certain trying times. Her story is a compelling one. Her lust for life and living was enviable, right up to her untimely and cruel passing.

The decison to add more to this story, I guess, was made for me upon seeing how much had been added to internet news sites, blogs, and tributes online.

For those still reaching out for peace and understanding, I have decided to gather my previous pieces, along with 9 new found links, under one post.

If there is one simple thought that I have retained from the story, it's that life is precious and fragile all at once. I have never hugged my girls so much in one week.

Below are the 9 newest links:

From the Globe And Mail; "A Search For Meaning: Tall Ship Sailor Found Herself, Only To Be Lost At Sea" by Unnati Ghandi

From the Cape Breton Post; "Fond Memories of Laura Gainey" by Julie Collins; "NHL Rallies Around Gainey After Accident Claims Daughter" by Jean Jacques Taylor

The Halifax Chronicle Herald; "Cook Islands Launches Investigation Into Gainey Case" by Micheal Tutton, and "Canadiens Hope To Ease Gainey's Mind With Win" by Bill Beacon

From the Boston Globe; "Gainey Tragedy Draws Sympathy" by Fluto Shinzawa

The Picton Castle website has posted a message from ship captain Daniel Moreland that you can read here. They have also put up a tribute to Laura, along with an e-mail address, for those who wish to share memories of Laura.

From Alessandro Nicolo's "BC Blogcritics" blog site comes "Bob Gainey's Pain and Loss"

From this site, previous posts include:

Among the links included within those posts are:

If anyone should happen to find additional pertinant stories or pieces, feel free to e-mail me the link or drop a comment with the link posted in the "Comments" box below. I would be pleased to add them here.