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Hockey Ladies Of (Writing) Greatness

(RC Note - That's mine, my soon to be 12 year old Poke Check, with her Player of the Game award from a recent tourney, third from the left.)

Ever so often while scanning through anothers blog site, I'll hit upon a piece of quality writing that almost makes me jealous.

"Why didn't I think of that!", I'll say to myself.

Just minutes ago, I happened on just such a piece and thought to myself right away that it needed to be read, especially by Habs fans. The blog was on one of my favorite, if not, underappreciated players, defenseman Mike Komisarek.

I love reading something / anything that makes me want to become better at this craft. I've been doing some quality reading over the Holidays - yes, I'm the type who brings a good book to the kitchen table, the washroom, and to slumberland on occasion. Whenever I find things I believe are of interest, my first notion is to pass them along for more readers to enjoy.

Lately I've been singing the praises of HabsWorld and the Legends of Hockey site, among others. What I like best about them, is their uniqueness. While many well known blogs, and surely the most popular ones, tend to compromise themselves into filter sites (not that there is anything at all wrong with that ideal), the ones I ultimately enjoy most, create their own content and point of view.

Such is the case with Hockey Ladies Of Greatness (HLOG).

While the name might mislead some into thinking all articles concern the Hayley Wickenheiser's and Cassie Campbell's of the hockey world, you would honestly not know it's contributors were female if not for the name. Only in reading it more regularly, does one start to see a twist in perspective.

Having a daughter (Poke Check), hopefully soon two, who play the game, I can tell you quite honestly that hockey is hockey no matter what. All the differences are quite subtle.

All in all, the HLOG is a site written by a small batch of females with astute insight. Do yourself a favor, add it to your links and favorites and keep checking it out. The Habs content is just one part of their overall scope of the game. Being DC based, you get your share of Ovechkin to boot!

On the further subject of great writing, I have simply been floored by Stephen Brunt's "Searching For Bobby Orr". So far, I'm just a few chapters deep into it, and it is one moving read. I have been notating passages with the idea of posting them here. I already have many to quote. Let me just say that it is the type of book that will simply carry you away to hockey's purest of times. Orr changed perceptions, off he ice as well as he did on it.

Keep checking back here, I may just need to create a permanent link to all the passages I will post on this book.