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Forsberg Almost Killed!

I can't help this...I want to cry...but I have to have a laugh!

Peter Forsberg, the Evil Knievel of hockey, has now suffered a concussion.

When I first scanned the headline, I imagined him voluntarily head banging the crossbar after another Flyers drubbing!

Forsberg, who has had every conceivable injury in the past, has now gone and gotten hurt from toe to head.

Just this past week, Forberg was trying out special skates, due to complicating ankle injuries and surgeries that left one of his feet less manoeverable than the other.

Imagine that!

The Man Without A Spleen has the worst luck of any player I've ever seen.

Forsberg's injury occurred off an Alexander Ovechkin hit in which he bonked his noggin onto Dainus Zubrus' knee.

A dazed Forsberg then stood up, semi conscious, and stepped on the puck. He did a near 360 degree flip before landing on his hip and cracking it. Putting weight on the leg was then futile, and the Flyers captain then face planted the already tipsy cranium into the ice and breaking his nose. With blood in his eyes, he reached the bench hobbling. As a trainer handed him a water bottle, the newly shortsighted forward chipped a tooth inserting the squirt mechanism too far into his face. While he made it to the ambulance without incident, a nervous paramedic slammed the vehicle's brakes at a railroad crossing, almost throwing Forsberg into the path of a train.

Forberg made a statement from the hospital suggesting that he will look for an appropriate body cast that allows him the flexibility to be back in time for the Flyers next game.