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`Man, I'm in The Twilight Zone!' - In More Ways Than One, Hitch

Ken Hitchcock is heading back to Philadelphia for his first game with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

One month after being fired by Philadelphia, Hitchcock was formally introduced Thursday as the Blue Jackets' new coach. Columbus, dead at the bottom of the NHL standings, will play the Flyers, who are just a point ahead of the Jackets, Friday in Philadelphia.

"When I was on the plane flying here, I felt like, `Man, I'm in The Twilight Zone.' Hitchcock said. "I hope the players have a lot better day than I'll have tomorrow. It's going to be a tough day."

Could it be that Hitchcock has been having too many cocktails in the Voodoo Lounge!

I'm still wondering what made him consider the Jackets a suitable destination. My guess is he took the first available post. If Columbus don't turn this nightmare season around, it could leave Hitch scratching his noggin real fast.

Hitchcock said his first goal is to restore the team's confidence.

"We can't hang our heads and roll our shoulders," Hitchcock said.

Sounds to me as though he's been watching Jeremy Roenick dance videos!