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In the meantime...what's coming up!

Posting time has gotten rarer than Popeshit for the next few days, so I thought I'd just drop some chunks and let people know what's percolating in my cranium as far as possible posts in progress are concerned.

The reason for the time vice squeezing me so tight is I have finally been punished at work with night shifts for the next few days. This robs me of my prime posting time, not to mention the window of opportunity that enables the beer drinking behind the creative process. This weekend Poke Check has a tournament in Kanata. We aren't doing stay overs, but four games cover Friday to Sunday. The following weekend we are in Whitby, near Toronto, so there will be time left to work my shifts and that's about it.

It's too bad because I have dozen things I want to get to.

I haven't had much to write about as far some good classic rock topics but lo and behold, two bands from my youth (I'm still IN my youth, damnit!) have released interest repackages in the past week. The Beatles "LOVE" mishmash for the Cirque De Soleil soundtrack is getting critical barbs and roses upon release. My copy comes to me tomorrow and so far I'm a touch hesitant to even like the idea. Out of left field yesterday, I got my hands the KISS Kissology 3 DVD set - I won it on "Rock and Roll Jeopardy" courtesy of the local rock station. Soon as I finish this post, into the player it goes!

As far as NHL hockey is going, the Sens, Leafs, and Habs all continue to baffle for different reasons. Too much to get into quickly, but stories unfold daily.

I want to do a crystal ball gaze into the future of a team, two years from now, and then five years down the line, just to get a whiff of how the new CBA may affect teams. I have yet to choose which team to do it on - I have a feeling I'll be surprising myself here!

I have a great story about one of the most controversial Memorial Cup wins ever, that is taking me lots of research to get done. It'll be worth the wait, I promise.

As you may have noticed, I've made a slew of changes to this blog, staring with the overall look, which I'm very pleased with. I've added the site meter, which enables me to know more about how much the blog is viewed, and sheds some light into how it's perceived. I can follow the odd thread now and trace reactions to the postings in other blogs, which is pretty nifty.

The Crosby 2012 post went nuts! A whole whack of Penguin related sites picked up on it, and weren't very kind to me, here in this blog, and elsewhere. I added the site meter just in time to monitor it, and it's been furious and fun.

Doing that allowed me to find and add some pretty cool sites to my links section. I've got a handful more to get around to adding when time allows. Extra links equals widening perspective in a sense. There's lots out there to read and enjoy for sure.

I will be posting about the best ones and recommending them soon. For now I'll bring one to Tapeleg's attention - it's called "Hockey's Greatest Legends" and is loaded with stories of "Old Time Hockey", one of the JAHL writer's favorite subjects.

I look forward to stealing the time to get to these things soon!