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Habs Step Up, Beat Sabreslugs 2-1 / Typhoons Still in Tourney Hunt

The Buffalo Sabres have been at the top of the NHL standing from day 1 of the current season and are now considered to measuring stick for other teams success.

Friday night it was the Canadiens turn to rub shoulders with the Northeastern Conference leaders and they pulled it iff in OT, with Sheldon Souray's rising wrister being the difference with one second remaining in the game.

With all contests against Buffalo, it was a hard fought battle at both ends with tons of chances on either side. Again Cristobal Huet played his steady game. The only shot to beat him was a screened blast from the point he narrowly missed.

Saku Koivu, who turned 32 today celebrated by notching a goal and an assist in the win.

I failed to catch the game in real time. Sleep was a priority after coming home from a pair of games in Kanata earlier in the day. I wake up in time to watch the 5 minute OT, and Souray's marker brought me to life some.

I caught the Mini Express game an hour later to get a sense of how the game flowed. Second period action was again killed by penalties, a Habs trait so far this year. The PK and Huet's goalposts kept the game close until Koivu knotted the tying goal.

It was a long day in the Ottawa area for the family. Poke Check played two awesome games for her team - probably her best two efforts of the year. The first was a scoreless tie in which we outshot Kanata 34-11 but couldn't beat their agile little goalie. We won the second contest 1-0, scoring with 3:35 left, enabling us all to breathe a little easier. PC had 5 shots in the first game and six more in the second, most from close in. Her line was simply dominant today. I've waited a while to see this.

We brought Poke Check's little sister Cross Check along for the day, and thankfully she wasn't her usual handful.

Tomorrow will be just as hectic, with a game at 3 in Kanata, and a Xmas party back in town at 6. With all this furious activity, I'm coming down with a cold!

Back to the Habs.... Tomorrow, a dreaded back to back game against Philly.

I hate this scenario!

Philadelphia beat HItchcock's Blew Jackets tonight. Hopefully they are as worn down as the Habs will be for tomorrow's game. David Aebischer ets his first start in a week - acrucial game for him after he has lost a little of the teams confidence with consecutive losses a week ago.

I'll be checking it out, one hand over my eyes, sniffling and drunk at the Canadian Tire bash.

Hope their is no lineup for the early shuttle ride home!