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I ventured out onto a limb late last week and tended a bet to Wardo at Leafs Club. I suggested that I'd post Paul Maurice's mug under the title "God" should the Leafs beat the Habs on Saturday night. I countered that should the Leafs not win, an "Almighty" Koivu post in the same manner would be the losing price.

I figured that since both Higgins and Sundin were out of the lineup, it wouldn't make a difference - he would still go for it. I didn't pause for thought on Raycroft being out, thinking that J.F. Aubin was due a game and had a better GAA anyhow.

Still Wardo didn't bite! "No deal", he said and explained that he felt his team was weakened by the injury.

I figured it a good test of faith all along and since I made the wager knowing the Habs hottest guy was also out, I might as well be big balled about it and say a good word or two on Maurice.

Hopefully for Leafs fans and players, this ain't some kinda honeymoon thing with a new coach, but it seems that Maurice's fresh approach was just what the doctor ordered for the team. Though they have had the odd stumble, they have so far surprised overall. The Leafs seem more energenic and focused. A different hero emerges nightly while players the Leafs depend on to lead, like Sundin, Tucker, and Kaberle, regularly deliver the merchandise. I'll skip picking at what I believe may be trouble spots this time around - what would be the sense!

For now, kudos to the coach!

A reader of Leaf Club, a true original calling himself Friknguy, urged me to follow through with my thoughts of posting this anyway, and asked that I include a picture of puke!!!

So, there you have it! Not sure if it had the desired effect of reminding you of the Senators recent games or not, but WTF! For a hoot and howl check out friknguy's site, if you have a strong stomach!

Thank goodness it's not the Leafs making fans ralph, otherwise my hometown would be in for a hurl. Newly elected Mayor of Cornwall, Bob Kilger can thank son Chad for the assist in getting elected. Had the Leafs been blowing chunks lately, Bystander Bob may not have gotten the nod. Hopefully the Buds stay in the playoff hunt or else we may become known as the "Village of Puke!'

Yes, I voted for the guy, and no, I don't entirely like him. He just played out as the best of five candidates in the run, mainly due to a decade of connections made Federally as our city's MP. While BB is so politically correct when speaking, I've always found him more oily than smooth. While a Liberal MP, he virtually spent 10 years accomplishing squat. This lameduckedness was evident when he last ran for MP and was defeated two terms back. He barely campaigned figuring his "track record" shoed him in. Instead, he got the boot. This time out, he broke an autumn sweat and hammered his victory home by stricking nails into the largest election signs this city has ever seen. They literally dwarfed more modest approaches by a 3-1 margin, which was not coincidentally, his margin of victory also.

I just hope that in the coming years, when our long promised 4 pad arena gets built, it doesn't get named the Chad kilger Center or something of the like. As much as Chad is a favorite player of mine, that would totally heave projectiles!