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BUTT ENDS # 1 and 1 / 2

Just a stream of conscienceness post here, since I'm on a roll, the beer is cold, and my apparent blog block of a week ago is thankfully history. Thanks to all who supported my thoughts and writings in my time time of trying. It helped me more than you can imagine. You know who you are!

I always wanted to litter a blogpost with dozens of different thoughts ranking just about everything that bowelled its way across through my clogged skull in a given day's span. Don't know if I will achieve it here and now - but consider this an X-Lax of the mind, RC style.

Even though the Sens beat Sid's kids 6-3 tonight, I stand firm that Murray and Muckler's Xmas will be spent planning warm vacations to Southern destinations...... My Latendresse posting reeled in some surprising (to me) flow of traffic. Throw in a French tickler and the lame will always get aroused. Don Cherry will attest to it.....Have you ever wanted to see a newspaper headline regarding a netminders groin injury reading like (just an example) Hasek pulls goalie......on a rock and roll subject - what blows harder than the new Tragically Hip disc.....I decided tonight that Neil Young's "(Keep on) Rockin' In The Free World" is absolutely the greatest song of all time. It could be covered by anyone from Metallica to the Killers to George Jones to Shania Twain without losing it's poignancy in todays world for a 17 year old tune. Subject any other song you know to that diverse ideology of demographic... back to pucks. The Sabres, Ducks, and Senators are all for real - for different reasons....I offered a Habs-Leafs blog challenge (read bet) to a fellow well respected blogger and he declined based on the Sundin and Raycroft injuries. That's all I'll say about it.... Rough week in the RC household. I had four evening shifts this week (skipping Thursday) and each day I received a call from the kids school saying they were sick, injured, or earached. Sleep was rarer than Popeshit the last five days.....Poke Check has a pair of out of towners this weekend in the Ottawa area. I may become sparse and thin until Wednesday night.....If Ed Belfour had a reality show, would you tune in?.... Next major hockey injury on the horizon - Daniel Alfredsson swallows his tongue after a hit and is rescued by a Sens media scribe with a handy pair of hotdog tongs...Explain me this - Yannick Perrault signs with the only team he can't help....Poor Gretzky. He doesn't know a country club when he's assembled one....Teams still logo-challenged in the NHL include Pittsburgh, Anaheim, and of course Buffalo.....the recent NHL GM meetings were proof that the league continues to agree to disagree.... Chris Chelios may be the last honest man in hockey. He ranted to a local motor city radio station recently, barking that the league is in denial when it comes to its attendance figures......Most underrated player in the NHL - Minny's Brian Rolston.....My timing continues to suck. I'm in Whitby, Ont with the chicks with sticks while the NWHL visits my hometown on December 2nd......Montreal minus Higgins plays the Leafs minus Sundin and Raycroft tonight, yet I'm still excited. In my mind, that's a fair enough shake....a recent new hire at the Kraft plant where I work asked me why there were holes in swiss cheese. One Senators analogy later, he understood.....A recent THN column listed Nicklas Lidstrom as the best NHLer. Hard to disagree with that one....Is it just me, or are most color commentators colorless..... Brendan Shanaham once told Sports Illustrated that he'd had cameo appearances in as many as 6 different named movies. SI never questined the reknowned joker and went with it.....A week ago I gave an honest shot at giving up drinking, swearing, and smoking cold turkey. It lasted a whole day. If only I hadn't left my fuckin' smokes at the beer store.....Back to music. CanCon is the root of all Canadian rock evil. Imagine a government body that conspires to get the Guess Who and Rush played like mantra on classic rock radio to a forcefed country of listeners. Once I'm dead, in retrospect, my family will call it murder....The NHL comeback player of the year so far, goes to Jose Theodore, by default.... While looking through a list of current NHL salaries online I deduced that if I were the leagues worst paid player - I'd be rich!.....Britney Spears is single again. You know what that means in Canada. The Trailer Park Boys TV ratings will plummet....That's it for this bit. Hope something I said pissed you off.

Till the next - just remember it is better to be pissed off than pissed on!