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Bryan Murray F-Bombs Reporter

Holy Moly, is this guy stressed or what? Damn good thing Ray Emery came to his rescue tonight and saved his sorry ass for the time being!

I'm not sure of the time referance for this little clip, I just know Murray wasn't in this mood last season. The wall logo's still say Corel Center and not Scotia Bank Place. Not sure if that's relevant or not as certain areas still have the decade old Palladium logo's here and there. At first I assumed it was from last Saturday's Montreal game, owing to the guy wearing the bleu, blanc, rouge, Habs jacket in the background.

I'm thinking Murray would have been in the mood for a fight after that game.

As for the content of this little beauty, it's sad that it isn't more audible. I can make out most of the F-bomb peppered strip tearing despite Murray's split tongued, swallowed Indian whistle voice.

The gist of his rage seems to be that the reporter wrote that Murray could not control his players. What that is in refernce to, who knows?

The dialogue goes something like this.

Murray: "You're telling me I couldn't control my guys?'

Reporter: "No"

Murray: "That's a f*ck*n' cheap shot on your f*ck*n' have the don't have the f*ck*in' right to f*ck*in' cut me up...I haven't done anything like this in my f*ck*n''s f*ck*n''re full of sh* yappy f*ck*n' prick..I should..."

Not bad - in 19 seconds there were 7 references to intercourse, 1 to erect male genetalia, and for good measure, one term leaning towards th ereporters diet of excrement.

Tell me he's not pissed!

Somewhere owner Eugene Melnyk is going, "Heads it's Quinn, tails it's Hitchcock!"

(RC-Note: A reader has tied this clip to a Los AngeleseKings - Ottawa Senators tilt from last December. If you check out the box score, Murray's outburst is more in context. It was a brawling game that had the effect of annoucing to the league that Ottawa would no longer be shoved around. 17 calls totalling 78 minutes were handed out to Ottawa in the 5-1 win. Hasek was pulled late in the game for fear of injury and the usual suspects (Avery, McGratton, etc) combined for 6 majors. Misconducts were parking tickets on this night! The scribe may be Jim Fox who covers the Kings. Apparently he said something on air and Murray disagreed with his claim. Ah...the good old days!)