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Another Road Trip

Freezing rain and snow are in the forecast for tomorrow morning as Poke Check and I head to Whitby for our 4th tournament of the season. The team did okay in the Kanata trip, reaching the semi's for the third time. After not allowing any goals in the first two games we had already qualified for the next round.

The third game was then of no consequence and promptly lost it 2-1. PC did well though, earning "Outstanding Player" of the game. That's her third from the left with her medal.

In the semi final against Nepean we got the lead and lost it. Three PP goals in a row set us back. We made it 3-2 with 2 minutes to go and pulled the goalie. Nepean scored. We kept the goalie on the bench and got it back with 40 seconds left. With the ticks winding down , we pressured but couldn't find another one. It ended 4-2.

Hopefully, they'll be as much suspense this time.

Hopefully, not on highway 401!