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Who'll Stop The Rain - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - January 23,1981

This was my first Springsteen show (of 17,so far). Five songs into a 34 song set, he pulls out this CCR classic and drives it home with a classic ending. My friend at the show turned to me and "I never thought any band could be this good!" The show had a great effect on my life. A month earlier John Lennon had been shot and killed in NYC and I felt my innocence had been zapped from me along with my spirit. This concert brought my soul back to life, big time.

A lot of people don't get, or refuse to understand Springsteen. There's not much flash to the man, he's pretty straightforward. He writes for the underclass with reality and vision. His music is almost religious in nature. Odds are there is a character in a Bruce song who would remind you of yourself. He has dabbled in all kinds of music and has never made the same record twice or made the record that fans expected of him.

Live, he simply rules. In his younger days, as in this video, it wasn't unlike him to pull off 4 hours shows. I hope you enjoy this, because I will be adding more from this night when I find them.