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Test Your Vision - A Fun Time Out

Time out from hockey for a little silly fun here.

I have a private obsession confession - I was a longtime KISS fanatic. In my youth, they were Gods of thunder to me. I bought all thirtysomething of their albums and saw them in concert over a dozen times. I bought the action figures, dressed like Gene at Halloween, and impregnated my wife while wearing a cheap ass KISS condom.

However deep this obsession was, I could never quite succumb to actually purchasing the KISS My Ass toilet paper. Thought I do own four sets of KISS cards.

Nearing the age of fourty, I guess I finally clued in that it had become more about marketing than music. I been trying to unload the KISS junk I've amassed through three decades for a few years now but have found no takers for my somewhat steep price. I still love most of the tunes, though. The discs aren't going anywhere yet!

For a little fun, I have posted here 7 photos that are Gene Simmons related. Only 4 are actually the current "Family Jewels" star. Three of these may look like different incarnations of Simmons, but are not.

Can you tell which three are Gene wannabe's?

Have fun, and don't be fooled by the chihuahua!