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I was recently perusing throught my fave sites, when a post on Habsblog bit my nipple and chewed it.

Yeah, I flew into a rage!

Had it! Enough, I thought!

For some background into my deepest cranium irritations, I'm not a fan of Idols, Canadian or American. Reality TV is the NHL. Gossip columnists eat at my last raw nerve. Blog B.S. is a radar wave to a loser of miniscule insight. Get the drift?

Simply put - I want to talk hockey, without ifs ands or buts. Gimme facts and real reality.

I won't copy the entire post's comments here. Suffice to say that this was the drop that made the bucket over flow.

The blog post title was this:

Jason Woolley Possibly Signing With Habs

Posted on September 7th, 2006.

RDS and La Presse report the Canadiens are in negotiations with Defensemen Jason Woolley.
Woolley would fill the hole left by Francis Bouillon’s injury. At 37 years of age he is no spring chicken but comes with 15 years of NHL experience.His price can’t be too high.

Temporary fix or permanent solution? Or is he just one part of a multiplayer deal that will see more players swapped?

After numerous exchanges, two bloggers exchanged these thoughts.

7 Rob Posted on September 8th, 2006 at 9:59 pm. About 'Jason Woolley possibly signing with Habs'.

Just as a reminder to all those in Montreal who have the audacity to criticize Bob Gainey that it was 7 Stanley Cups that he won as a player (3 more than Wayne Gretzky and 4 more than Patrick Roy), 1 Stanley Cup and a President’s Trophy as a GM, 4 Frank J. Selke Trophies, and 1 Conn Smythe Trophy. He was also given the title of the world’s best all-around player by Viktor Tikhonov, the legendary coach of the Soviet Union who knew a thing or two about hockey; on the other hand, the Soviets never accepted the idea that Wayne Gretzky was ever the greatest hockey player in the world.

Any team of that era would have given just about anything to get Gainey on their team, but he stayed and played his entire career in Montreal (ie. not New York or Los Angeles.) The same is now true with respect to his being General Manager of the Canadiens so give the guy some respect. If Gainey decides to make any moves as a GM, you can be sure that we are only going to hear about it after the papers are signed.

8 jack tornton Posted on September 8th, 2006 at 11:11 pm. About 'Jason Woolley possibly signing with Habs'.

thsi aint goin to happen(PERIOD)

9 Rob Posted on September 9th, 2006 at 12:46 am. About 'Jason Woolley possibly signing with Habs'.
sorry, jack tornton, you are misunderstanding what I am saying. You did manage to spell three words properly, however.


Ok, Rob - I'm slammin' ya into the boards high stick and all on this one! (No offense meant - my name is also Rob)

I'm not gonna defend Jack T here. He can do that himself quite adequately, I'm sure.

So he mispelled the word "this" ! BFD! His comment of "this ain't gonna happen" was in response to the post question and not to you.

Once you sober up, or get off drugs and rid yourself of paranoia, you'll see that you and Jack actually share the same opinion. You fool!

While you're in therapy, grap a copy of the NHL Guide and Record Book, and look a few things up. Gainey won 5 Cups not 7, Roy won 4 Cups not 3.

While I know of no GM better suited to the Habs than Gainey, it would be of sound knowledge for all to comprehend that past achievements are just that. Bob is working with the same new CBA as 29 other GM's and it takes some getting used to. He can no longer buy up whatever talent is available like he did in Dallas, with deep pocketed owners.

The Game Has Changed!

This is not meant as a slander to Gainey's credibility. In the few years he has been in charge, he has turned the team around. Anyone doubting that simply doesn't know the game - point blank.

What is slowly becoming apparent now, is the difference between a good GM and an organization that has limitless dollars to spend. In today's reality, GM's such as Pierre Lacroix (who curiously resigned), Bobby Clarke (over spends then gets tight), John Muckler (underestimates the market), and John Ferguson Jr. (totally clueless) are all in need of conspicuous evaluation. The best GM in the game may well be the patient Gainey or the Ducks Brian Burke. Time will tell, and we are in different times now.

Using past accomplishments as a gauge is of little worth.

While I'm on this rant let me mention that there still is no news on Jason Woolley - surprised anyone?
As goes the motto: If you're hearing about it - it ain't gonna happen!

Trust me, Woolley will likely fall into the same file as Dumont, Gagne, Marleau, Elias, and Lecavalier.
All the names that were banterred about in here in the past never came to fruition!

This site's traffic meter relies heavily on rumour based comment. I'll eventually be censored for stating such truth, but I don't care one iota.

If the regular bloggers here care about such things, I find we would all be best off commenting on fact rather than fiction.

I'm in here to talk about the team the Habs have now.

Anything else is rather irrelevant.

If you are Paris or Britney minded, share your thoughts elsewhere in gossip blogs, and let's keep this a game blog, hockey orientated, and somewhat fact based.

To drill this point home - Gagne to the Habs for Bonk, even up.

Now get a life!