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Lights, Camera, Action! Raise the Cup: Take #24

The Montreal Canadiens are planning to mark their 100th anniversary with a film based on the history of the team according to an article in Le Journal de Montreal on Sunday.

The proposed docudrama would be in theatres in the fall of 2008 - one year before the team's centennial season of 2009-10, and would have a budget of $5 million, the newspaper said, citing anonymous sources.
Club officials are keeping the project secret, but the paper reported the Canadiens have reached a co-production deal with the Cite-Amerique production house.

The proposed two-hour movie is believed to be the first documenting the history of the team affectionately known as the Habs.

The Rocket, a 2005 biopic portraying Canadiens legend Maurice Richard, was received favourably by most critics and audiences across Canada. It earned a nationwide release last April.

Casting agents are currently scanning the globe for the biggest idiot on the face of the planet, to play the role of Rejean Houle.

As part of their centennial celebrations, the Canadiens are planning to retire the sweater numbers of several former players. Names rumoured to be designated for such honour include Larry Robinson, Ken Dryden, Serge Savard, Bob Gainey, and Patrick Roy. The team has entered bids for both the NHL all-star game and entry draft in 2009, to complete a year of festivities.

Winning the Stanley Cup will be high on the teams priority list for 2009 as well. It is in the teams short range plans to build with that goal in mind.

In other NHL related movie news, the Vancouver Canucks are laying plans for a similar documentary to be titled "Up in Smoke", with Cheech Marin taking on the role of Harold Snepsts. Jim Carrey, (the comedian - not the goalie), is rumoured to be reprising his role as a stressed out newscaster, first portrayed in "Bruce Almighty", in which the Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup due to Carrey being God for a week and getting all his wishes.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are said to be scrambling over proposed scripts in order to counter the Habs movie in their own centennial year in 2017. Several drafts have already been turned down due to lack of a plot. One tabled storyline based on the movie "Ground Hog Day" sees a youth Leafs fan waking up each morning for the rest of his life to the news that Wendel Clark has been traded. Another plot outlines the ecapades of an 8 year old boy who schemes to trade a Tim Horton donut up for a pair of tickets to a Stanley Cup final game. The ploy falls short when the boy can't get past a medium double-double and the Leafs fall to the Florida Panthers in the quarter finals.

Not to be outdone, the Ottawa Senators will be producing a series of short film cartoons based on their playoffs futility. To be called "SpongeHead SquarePuck" the series will deal the trials and tribulations of a Peter Puck-ish loser who has great pick up lines, but just cannot seem to score when it matters most. The Senators brass are denying any involvement with the project, saying that it is totally unrelated to them in any way.

Word that Daniel Alfredsson's voiceovers included Swedish curse words could not be confirmed.