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IT'S HOCKEY SEASON, Damnit - Part Two

Well what do you know, my kid made it!

With lots of sweat, hustle and hard work she managed to squeeze her way onto a talent laden squad of young sweathearts. Let the fun begin.

I really mean it!

My winter is going to be a whirlwind for sure. On the team, parents share various responsabilities to the extent that there actually becomes a team off ice keeping it all running smoothly for our girls.

Last season I was handed the task of writing up summaries for games and had quite a blast. This year I will also be filling the teams official site with content. Talk about a juggled portfolio!

The team looks pretty good on paper. We are retaining 8 of the ten girls from last seasons team while adding 7 more who impressed the coaching staff. I don't envy the coaches job of having to choose his players. Especially after the obligatory sleepless night that always follows such things. He had it quite tough this year.

One thing seems clear - we will be a grittier squad. Lots of kids with no quit made an impact on the decisions and i can't wait to see them in action. It all starts tomorrow with the initial team meeting a first practice.

Due to team discretion rules and the David Frost types of the world, I won't ever be mentioning girls names in EOTP, but I will randomly update the odd thing or two as a distraction to the NHL content in here. A nice change of pace from time to time.

What all this activity will do to me is spread my posts in here a little thinner. This might be the editor I've always needed to cut me off when I get those longwinded notions to post essays on the history of the vulcanized rubber puck or something equally trivial.

Gotta go. That bald guy with my straightjacket is calling my name!