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Would you pull the trigger on this deal?

Just supposing?

Here is a little food for thought for those of you who like to play GM of the Habs. Discussing with a friend of mine who put himself in Flyers GM Clarke's shoes regarding the not yet signed RFA Simon Gagne, we pondered possible scenarios. He asked if the Habs would be interested in Gagne, and I said they absolutely would, providing he came at the right price. I asked him who the Flyers would want in return and he said Clarke would take Markov even up. I thought "Hmmmm!", that's something to think about!

I am definitly NOT TRYING TO START A RUMOUR here. LOL. I was curious to know what you guys would do with such a proposal. Clarke would definitely not accept the players Gainey would prefer to shop. He'd look to fill his void for good puck rushing D's who can quarterback a power play well.

Would you pull the trigger on this deal, try to change it, or hang up the phone? I know what I'd do, but I'll save that thought for now.

Tell me what you think!