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Taking a cue ( OK, I stole the idea!) from the wonderful "Waiting For Stanley" blog, with an assist to tapeleg, I thought I'd post these separated at birth like photos.

The first pair is Flyers bench boss Ken Hitchcock and his eerily similar birth brother from a different mother, Bob Keesham, better known as Captain Kangaroo.

The second set is Captain Kangaroo's sidekick Mr. Green Jeans, who was played by actor Hugh Brennan, long rumoured to be gonzo rocker Ted Nugent's father. Both Nugent and Brennan would spent year vehemently denying any relation.

Alice Cooper was once thought to be Eddie Haskell of "Little Rascals" fame. Marilyn Manson had a similar story attached to him early on that he was the kid on "Saved by the Bell". Oh well start your own rumour and watch it grow legs!

Okay, so this was just a flimsy excuse to learn how links work! My clone has got a real life!