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The Gretzky Trade Part 3 - Transaction Breakdowns


The following is a breakdown of all the transaction each of the teams made following the original deal. You will notice that the Kings players on average had longer tenures with the teams whereas the Oilers were less patient. Incidently the Kings outpointed the Oilers in the 17 seasons played since the trade by a mere margin of 9 points, (1365 to 1356). The Oilers however, have the edge in playoff series wins with 10. The Kings total 7, three of which were won in the 1992-93 playoffs. Draw your own conclusions.


To understand the breakdown of tranactions, they are in chronological order.
Stats contributed while the player was an Oiler or King are in brackets, tallied once they have been traded
Players who appeared in no games with a particular team are listed ( - - )
Players not aquired in the original deal, who were traded along with such players are noted with a ( + ) before their name in brackets
Players being aquired are in CAPS and are numbered as the total from the original deal. Example DUFRESNE (#29)
A player being traded is noted with an arrow before the team of destination. Example >T.B.
Players who were not traded will be explained, with the exception of retirements, buyouts, and players who went on to minor league careers with no dividend to the team owning their rights. Their stats are listed upon aquisition.

The original trade is this:
- To the L.A. Kings - Wayne Gretzky(#K1), Mike Krushelnyski (#K2), and Marty McSorley(#K3), (15 million dollars cash)
- To the Edmonton Oilers - Jimmy Carson (#1), Martin Gelinas (#2), the Kings 1st round picks in 1989, 1991, 1993 ( traded pick (#3), Martin Rucinski (#4), Nick Stajduhar (#5) )


  • 09-11-90: Mike Krushelnyski (GP156-G43-A66-P109) >TOR for John McINTYRE (#K4)
  • 03-22-93: John McIntyre (GP178-G15-A29-P44) >NYR for Mark HARDY (#K5) (GP27-G0-A6-P6*)and 5th round pick Frederick BEAUBIEN (#K6) ( - - )
  • 08-27-93: Marty McSorley (GP354-G54-A118-P172) >PIT for Shawn McEACHERN (#K7)
  • 02-16-94: Shawn McEachern (GP49-G8-A13-P21) (+Tomas Sandstrom) >PIT for Marty McSORLEY (#K8**) and Jim PAEK (#K9)
  • 07-01-94: Jim Paek (GP18-G1-A1-P2) claimed on waivers by Ottawa
  • 02-27-96: Wayne Gretzky (GP539-G246-A672-P918) >STL for Craig JOHNSON (#K10), Patrice TARDIF (#K11), Roman VOPAT (#K12), and 5th round pick Peter HOGAN (#K13) ( - - )
  • 03-14-96: Marty McSorley (GP118-G17-A45-P62) (+ Jarri Kurri and Shane Churla) >NYR for Ray FERRARO (#K14), Ian LAPERIERRE (#K15), Mattias NORSTROM (#K16***), Nathan LAFAYETTE (#K17) (GP94-G10-A12-P22), and 4th round pick Sean BLANCHARD (#K18) ( - - )
  • 10-29-98: Roman Vopat (GP57-G4-A8-P12) (+ 6th round pick) >COL for Eric LACROIX (#K19)
  • 09-09-97: Patrice Tardif (GP15-G1-A1-P2) signed as a FA with Buffalo
  • 02-12-99: Eric Lacroix (GP27-G0-A1-P1****) >NYR for Sean PRONGER (#K20)
  • 08-09-99: Ray Ferraro (GP197-G48-A50-P98) signed as a FA with Atlanta
  • 08-25-99: Sean Pronger (GP13-G0-A1-P1) signed as a FA with Boston
  • 09-09-03: Craig Johnson (GP429-G62-A79-P141) signed as a FA with Anaheim
  • 07-02-04: Ian Laperierre (GP595-G61-A104-P169) signed as a FA with Colorado

* Mark Hardy's totals represent his second stint with the Kings only. Hardy retired a King and coached in their farm system.
** Marty McSorley (#K3 and #K6) is included twice, as well as his totals. He was reaquired by the Kings for the same player he was originally traded for. Now that's a trivia question!
*** Mattias Norstrom (#K 14) (GP718-G12-A121-P133) is still an L.A. King
**** Eric Lacroix's totals represent his second stint with the Kings only

The totals for 20 players the L.A. Kings received are GP-2868 G-570 A-1206 P-1776
The totals minus Wayne Gretzky's stats are GP-2329 G-324 A-534 P-858


  • 06-17-89: 1st round pick in 1989 draft >NJ (Jason Miller) for Corey FOSTER (#3) ( - - )
  • 11-02-89: Jimmy CARSON (GP84-G50-A53-P103) >DET for Adam Graves (#6), Joe MURPHY (#7), Petr KLIMA (#8), Jeff SHARPLES (#9) ( - - )
  • 05-30-91: Corey Foster ( - - ) (+ Jari Kurri,+ Dave Brown) >PHI for Craig BERUBE (#10),Craig FISCHER (#11) ( - - ),Scott MELLANBY (#12)
  • 09-03-91: Adam Graves (GP139-G16-A30-P46), Signs as a FA with NYR
  • 19-09-91: Craig Berube ( - - ) (+Glenn Anderson,+Grant Fuhr) >TOR for Vincent DAMPHOUSSE (#13),Peter ING (GP12-W3-L4-T0***) (#14),Luke RICHARDSON (#15),Scott THORNTON (#16)
  • 03-10-92: Martin Rucinski (GP2-G0-A0-P0) >QUE for Ron TUGNUTT (#17), Brad ZAVISHA (#18) ( - - )
  • 08-27-92: Vincent Damphousse (GP80-G38-A51-P89) >MON for Shayne Corson (#19), Brent GILCHRIST (#20), Vladimir VUJTEK (#21)
  • 02-24-93: Joe Murphy (GP222-G69-A100P169) >CHI for Igor KRAVCHUK (#22),Dean MCAMMOND (#23)
  • 03-05-93: Brent Gilchrist (GP60-G10-A10-P20) >MIN Todd ELIK (#24)
  • 06-16-93: Petr Klima (GP258-G118-A85-P203) >T.B. for 3rd round pick Brad SYMES (#25) ( - - )
  • 06-20-93: Martin Gelinas (GP258-G60-A60-P120) >QUE Scott PEARSON (#26)
  • 06-24-93: Scott Mellanby (GP149-G38-A44-P72) claimed by FLA in expansion draft
  • 06-24-93: Ron Tugnutt (GP29-W10-L13-T2) claimed by Anaheim in expansion draft
  • 10-26-93: Todd Elik (GP18-G1-A9-P10) claimed on waivers by San Jose
  • 04-07-95: Scott Pearson (GP100-G20-A22-P42) >BUF for Ken SUTTON (#27)
  • 08-04-95: Shayne Corson (GP192-G53-A84-P137$) signed as a RFA with STL. Arbitration awarded the Oilers Curtis JOSEPH (#28) and Mike GRIER (#29)
  • 01-04-96: Igor Kravchuk (GP160-G27-A61-P88) and Ken Sutton (GP44-G3-A9-P12) >STL for Jeff NORTON (#30) and Donald DUFRESNE (#31)
  • 07-01-96: Donald Dufresne (GP64-G1-A7-P8) retires
  • 09-06-96: Scott Thornton (GP209-G24-A33-P57) >MON for Andrei KOVALENKO (#32)
  • 03-18-97: Jeff Norton (GP92-G6-A27-P33) >T.B. for Drew BANNISTER (#33) and 6th round pick Peter SARNO (#34) ( - - )
  • 07-16-97: Vladimir Vujtek (GP70-G5-A25-P30) (+Dmitry Afansenskov) >T.B. for Brantt MYHRES (#35) ( - - ) and 3rd round pick, Alex HENRY (#36)
  • 07-23-97: Luke Richardson (GP436-G13-A65-P78) signed as a FA with Philadelphia
  • 10-15-97: Brantt Myhres >PHI for Jason BOWEN (#37)
  • 01-09-98: Drew Bannister (GP35-G0-A3-P3) >ANA for Bobby DOLLAS (#38)
  • 06-16-98: Bobby Dollas (GP30-G2-A5-P7) (+ Tony Hrkac) >PIT for Josef BERANEK (#39)
  • 07-15-98: Curtis Joseph (GP177-W76-L-66-T21) signed as a FA with Toronto
  • 01-29-99: Andrei Kovalenko (GP176-G51-A58-P109) >PHI for Alexandre DAIGLE (#40) ( - - )
  • 01-29-99: Alexandre Daigle >T.B. for Alexander SELIVANOV (#41)
  • 03-20-99: Dean McAmmond (GP303-G51-A100-P151) (+Boris Mironov) >CHI for Chad KILGER (#42), Dan CLEARY (#43), Ethan MOREAU (#44****), Christian LAFLAMME (#45)
  • 08-26-99: Jason Bowen (GP3-G0-A0-P0) claimed on waivers by Colorado
  • 03-09-00: Christian Laflamme (GP61-G0-A6-P6) (+Mathieu Descoteaux) >MON for Igor ULANOV (#46) and Alain NASREDDINE (#47)
  • 03-14-00: Josef Beranek (GP126-G25-A38-P63) >PIT for German TITOV (#48)
  • 07-01-00: German Titov (GP7-G0-A4-P4) signed as a FA with Anaheim
  • 11-27-00: Alexander Selivanov (GP96-G35-A26-P61) signed as a FA with Columbus
  • 12-18-00: Chad Kilger (GP87-G9-A5-P14) >MON for Sergei ZHOLTOK (#49)
  • 06-29-01: Sergei Zholtok (GP37-G4-A16-P20) >MIN for future considerations
  • 07-20-01: Igor Ulanov (GP81-G3-A23-P26) signed as a FA with NYR
  • 09-06-02: Alain Nasreddine ( - - ) signed as a FA with NYI
  • 10-07-02: Mike Grier (GP438-G81-A103-P183) >WAS for 2nd round pick Evgeni Tunik (#50) ( - - ) and 3rd round pick Zachery STORTINI (#51)
  • 10-24-02: Alex Henry (GP3-G0-A0-P0) claimed on waivers by Washington
  • 07-15-03: Dan Cleary (GP220-G31-A55-P86) signed as a FA with Phoenix

Totals for the 51 players the Edmonton Oilers received are GP-4773 G-834 A-1220 P-2054
Totals for goaltenders are GP218-W89-L83-T23
Total games played by all position players 4991

* Peter Ing totals include 3 assists
$ The Corson RFA matter is trapped in a time capsule of sorts. In 1995, an arbitrator chose one of two trade proposals submitted by each of the affected parties. In this case the Oilers submission won out over the Blues' choice of compensation. In the NHL's Official Guide and Record Book, it lists Corson as signing as an FA. In the NHL Yearbook 1995-96, it details a trade and the involved players. With my hindsight clear, I chose to go with the yearbook version of events as there was no logical reason for Joseph to be traded to Edmonton otherwise. The OGRB does not have any emphasis on that fact. This explains the Joseph and Grier stats included in these totals. Much confusion on this fact can be attributed to internet sources using the OGRB as it's official resource.