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Einstein Lives!

Kudos to Senators GM John Muckler on the signing of FA Dean McAmmond. This addition could be exactly what the Sens need - a "Bouche Trou" par excellence!

No one will confuse McAmmond with the second coming of Bryan Trottier, but he does bring a certain versatility and much needed experience to the lineup. The speedy forward is one of the faster skaters in the league and can ease into any of the teams top three lines.

He plays center and left wing on top of being a reliable penalty killer.
The much travelled forward has had stints with Edmonton, Chicago, and Calgary, primarily during those teams lean years. He has often been in demand come trade deadline time as he has in the past been picked up by Philadelphia and Colorado.

The Grande Cache, Alta. native should be one of the final pieces to Mucklers puzzle as the GM shores up the Sens depth. Coping with the losses of Zdeno Chara, Martin Havlat, Bryan Smolinski, Brian Pothier, and Dominik Hasek, Muckler has been active since the opening of the FA season.

After signing goaltender Martin Gerber on day one, Havlat was traded to Chicago - in a three way deal with San Jose - that saw the Sens receive 4 players in return. Defenseman Tom Preissing aquired in that deal, and Joe Corvo, signed as a FA can take up positions anywhere from 2 to 4 on the teams D-corps.

All Muckler needs to do now is find himself a coach capable of getting his team past the second round. A coach who has actually been there would be a good start. It don't take a genius to figure that out!