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Opening A Wound

I will indulge myself with a little self- plagiarization here.

Commenting in another blogsite, I lent myself to fessing up my POV on the Leafs and their fans, as a Habs fan. This could be taken as my mission statement on all things Leafs related. This is how I've felt since seeing Harold Ballard tear apart a Leafs team with a lot of promise in the late '70's. I will likely refer back to this rant, over and over. Expect it!

I feel sad that Leaf fans have not shared what what I have been able to experience. My anger, or rather, disappointment at different Leafs organizations over the years, stems from the fact that this great rivalry has not been re-consumated in 40 years. I'm still waiting for the blue and white to step up to the plate. Almost got my wish in '93.

I get the feeling all Canadian hockey fans are missing out on something special. Until the Leafs get their act together, my disappointment just turns to contempt. I find the majority of Toronto fans applaud or defend every move they make, without any vision towards the future. An example of this is the recent Peca signing. Does anybody think he'll actually be around by the time the Leafs finally win the Cup. I doubt it big time!

The bottom line is the Leafs are uncapable of building a team with eyes on the future. It's always about NOW. I imagine a 40 year drought will do that for your mindset. Leafnation has been brainwashed into such likeminded thinking. Years of free spending GM's didn't help.

Believing a team is perenially one player away from winning it all is generally stupid. With all teams on equal footing thanks to the salary cap, the Leafs have yet to adjust their thinking. Oh well, more years of turmoil and rivalry absense. They can't even kick the Sens around any more!

There ya have it. Swallow hard!