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Lamouriello Fills Diaper, Regier Borrows Muckler's Depends

The dreaded arbitration days are upon us, starting this morning. This is the process in which players go head to head with GM's over their (usually inflated) estimated worth. Each submit a salary request. The arbitrator chooses one of the two salary demands. There is no choosing a middle ground.
The player makes cases in point by finding alike scenarios of pay escalation with players from teams league wide. The GM will beat down this players tactic by suggesting weaknesses in the players game, and by downplaying his overall team worth.
"He checks worse than Paris Hilton at a drunken orgy!"
It is hardly a friendly procedure. All contracts awarded are for one year, after which the parties may again choose to dance this reckless waltz again. Players may choose to sign longer termed deals at lesser amounts. Owners may choose to walk away from the deal completely giving the RFA total free agent status. The most likely scenario is the sign and trade options GM's always have.
The Sabres F Daniel Briere's case gets it rolling today and the award he gets will impact many ongoing negotiations. Other cases to watch will be NJ F Scott Gomez, Phoenix F Ladislav Nagy, the Habs Michael Ryder, the Oilers Ales Hemsky, and literally half the Buffalo Sabres.
With certain teams already close to capping out, these hearings may well unleash a trade flurry. It could also cause certain GM's butt cheeks to remain tightly squeezed over the next two weeks.
For a list as to what's going on - follow this link.
Stay tuned!