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It's Not Easy Being Me!

Robert L Note: I am reprinting this from today's Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, the paper who publishes my pieces. Three people with the same name as I are associated with the paper and our work and endeavors periodically coincide. The paper has lots of fun with this coincidence. This piece is courtesy of S.F. sports editor Kevin Gould. Enjoy!

If you enjoy the thoughts of Robert Lefebvre - whose views on sports and music appear in this newspaper - you might want to check out
Lefebvre (again, not the photographer, not the runner) you see, has joined the blog nation. Kind of like Leafs Nation, only here full sentences are used. If you have the opportunity, I'm sure he would appreciate the feedback.

And now, for something completely confusing. As we have mused before, three of the area's Robert Lefebvres have ties to this newspaper, usually in the sports section - the aforementionned correspondent/blogger (Writing Rob), the photographer (Photo Rob), and the runner (Running Rob).They have often been confused for one another, but a while back it played out like a Laurel & Hardy skit.

A run was being held in the city. The organizer? Running Rob. I asked Photo Rob to shoot it. I was off the day of the event, leaving editor Greg Peerenboom (a.k.a. The Boomer) to juggle the Robs.

Photo Rob was supposed to be asked to get the e-mail of Running Rob, in case we needed to identify any of the competitors. Somewhere in the translation, it came down to this: The Boomer telling Photo Rob that Writing Rob was covering the event.

Writing Rob of course, was nowhere to be found, seeing as he knew nothing of the plans gone astray.

Next day, Writing Rob stops at Photo Rob's gas station. Photo Rob wears many hats, including gas station and sports card shop owner, computer afficionado and, I think, oyster shucker.
"Where were you last night?' asked Photo Rob.


"You were supposed to cover a run."

"I was?"

"You were."

"Wouldn't that be Running Rob's department?"

We still haven't fully sorted out the mess.

Three Rob Lefebvres walk into a bar. Actually, one was running.

Photo Rob's website is