Top Six Minutes - Don't Mess Edition as Montreal beats Florida

On Saturday, Berkshire promised you that the Top Six Minutes would be funny when I started to write them, so, you know, he's the one you ask for your money back after you read this.

• So I'm still trying to figure out what the call on Josh Gorges late in the first was for, and so far, I've got traveling, racquet abuse, hand ball, and excessive celebration. You guys got any ideas?
• This Tomas Plekanec With Linemates experiment, tell me more.
Rene Bourque wasn't completely useless, which probably means that wasn't him in the no. 17 sweater tonight.
Andrei Markov is home, everybody, and it's so good.
Alex Galchenyuk's helmet came off, and not a hair was out of place. Très Brent Seabrook.
• Oh right he scored his first goal, too. Not to be dramatic about or it anything but the only reason there isn't a shrine to him up in the Old Port yet is because it's currently minus seven thousand degrees out.
Jack Skille, lol.
• So hey I heard that Kovalev guy was supposed to be playing for Florida tonight. What happened with that?
• Ryan. White.
• Small sample size, yada yada, but this "stop messing with us" attitude? I'm on board.
• (No really, let's talk about how they killed that in the comments.)
• Do you ever stop and think about how good Carey Price is, just like in the middle of your workday or errands or something, and start shaking and crying?
• Me neither.
Keaton Ellerby sounds like a name from an Evelyn Waugh novel.
• Let's not get too excited, because the Panthers clearly aren't very good, but aside from the discipline, things seemed to be firing on all cylinders for the Canadiens tonight.
• Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Flyers are 0-3. I need one of you to go take P.K. Subban's fax machine and all his pens away, I can't do it because I'm on my way to Philadelphia.

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