World Junior Championships

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Habs' stats at the 2014 World Juniors


Who's scoring at the World Junior Hockey Championships? We'll be updating this daily so you'll always know.

Team USA dominates the Czechs


The reigning world junior champions faced the Czech Republic on the opening day of the WJC and proved they're viable contenders this year.

Team Canada highlights vs Germany [gifs]


Here are the goals scored by Team Canada in their opening game of the 2014 World Junior Championship versus Germany. Canada won the game 7-2.

Anderson's 1-1 goal:

Mantha 2-1 goal:

Mantha 3-2 goal:

Horvat 4-2 goal:

Reinhart 5-2 goal:

Mantha 6-2 goal (hat trick):

Petan 7-2 goal:

Credit goes to ABirdofParadise on reddit for making these great gifs.

Game Thread: Canada vs Germany


In their first game of the tournament, Canada will take on Germany at an unreasonable hour that makes no sense.

Canada wins penalty filled contest over the Swiss


Just over 24 hours after getting hammered by Sweden, Team Canada rebounded with a win over the Swiss

Game Thread: Canada vs Switzerland


After a wake up call in the form of a loss to Sweden where Canada had no business being in the game, a weaker opponent offers a chance to get back in top form before the tournament begins.

Canada decimated by Sweden


After talking a big game, Canada came out completely flat against Sweden, losing 3-0 in a game that should looked significantly worse.

Matt Dumba knees Erik Karlsson [gif]


After going down 2-0 to Sweden in the second period, Canadian defenseman Matt Dumba decided that discipline was no longer required, and put a pretty ugly looking knee on a Swedish player. Dumba was ejected for the play, and may face further discipline from the IIHF for it. With Griffin Reinhart already serving 3 more games from his 4 game suspension given out in last year's tournament, Canada could be very shorthanded on defense. What's your call?

Game Thread: Canada vs Sweden


In their second matchup of the preliminaries before the World Juniors, Canada faces off against Sweden.

Sebastian Collberg's great goal vs USA


Habs prospect Sebastian Collberg scored a beauty yesterday vs the USA & Sweden game during IIHF WJC pre-tournament play. We're expecting big things from Collberg at the WJCs, and he's off to a great start.

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