The Warmup

Open threads for the morning.

The boys are back in town (Open thread and links)


The 2013-14 NHL regular season begins tonight, and it starts with the renewal of the Habs' rivalry with the Leafs.

Subban signals a new era for the Habs


The arrival of P.K. Subban in Montreal has signaled a new era for the Canadiens to me, what does it mean for you?

What Would You Give Up For a Top-2 Pick?


Would you be willing to send Carey Price packing?

Will justice be served?


In one game this series, the Canadiens played like idiots, earned their loss, and got away with a questionable hit. In three others, everything worked against them.

On dirty hits, Shanahan, and NHL discipline


I don't know if any of you guys noticed, but there was a game on Sunday where a lot of terrible stuff happened, mostly by Habs players.

Where's the respect for Habs' superior play?


The Canadiens have been much better than the Senators to start the series. Are they getting enough credit from the opposition?

So it's the Senators


With last night's win against the Bruins, the Senators ensured that the Habs won the Northeast, but did they burn themselves in the process?

The Warmup - A meaningless game?


The Habs have clinched a playoff spot. They've clinched home ice. Moving up a spot may get them a tougher opponent. So is this game meaningless?

Can the Habs pull out of this?


Things can change instantly in the NHL, especially from the turnover from the regular season to the playoffs, but can the Habs truly recover?

Everything happening has happened before


The last 5 games have been tough to endure. 20% of the Habs' goals against in the entire season have been scored in those games, just 11.1% of the season. Should we be worried?


Was this season totally unexpected?


I think it's fair to say that the Canadiens being in a position to win the Northeast is a surprise to us all, but being in the playoffs shouldn't be, and wasn't for anyone actually paying attention.

Will Subban face disciplinary action?


The NHL disciplinary committee is anything but consistent, but could Subban's actions cost the team?

Is tonight a playoff preview?


Earlier in the week, the standings were shaping up like the Habs and Leafs would meet in the first round. That's still a possibility, so is this game even more important than usual?

How things have changed


My little brother is flying into town today so the game recap will be late, but there are a few things I had to write down just to make sure we talk about them.

"Montreal can't win without the powerplay"


There is a common trope among Habs fans about the limitations of their team, and it's time to put that to rest.

Who would you prefer the Habs face come playoffs?


The Canadiens have yet to clinch a playoff spot mathematically, but they're all but assured to have one. It's high time we begin talking about What teams we'd rather face.

The Penguins have Jarome Iginla, what's next?

Late last night the Bruins completed a trade for Jarome Iginla, so how is Marc Bergevin going to respond?

What do these recent losses mean?


The Canadiens have lost 3 of the last 4 games after being on fire for essentially two months, what's going on?

Can we maybe defend against this guy?


Yesterday while listening to TSN690, Mitch Melnick called the 7-6 loss against Pittsburgh was the game of the year. I completely disagree, and would like to see some defense tonight.

Should the best team win?


Saturday night's game against the Sabres spurned an interesting question in the comments section of Oliver's recap, but I don't think we explored it enough.

What does Jeff Halpern bring to the table?


Yesterday the Canadiens claimed Jeff Halpern off of waivers, but what does he bring to the team?

The Warmup - Matt F Moulson


There are players who are Habs killers, and there's Matt Moulson...

The example of what not to do


Not too long ago, Sabres fans were pretty excited about what Terry Pegula's money meant for the team. Oh how the times change.

The emergence of Lars Eller


Going into the season, EOTP named Eller the most impressive Canadien in Europe, and that promise is beginning to really show through.

Are the Senators more impressive than the Habs?


The Senators have been dealt the worst series of injuries of any team in the NHL this season, but they're still hanging on and are likely to make the playoffs.

Should the Habs add at the deadline?


Right now the Canadiens are on a cloud, but with the trade deadline looming, preparing for rockier times might be a good idea.

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