Hockey Night in Canada playoffs montage


The best part of CBC's presentation of Hockey Night in Canada is easily their montages. As per usual, Tim Thompson (@b0undless) knocked it out of the park with this masterpiece set to the tune of For Whom the Bells Toll.

Captains getting it done: A side-by-side of Gionta and Koivu's game winners


MDevonL on reddit had the brilliant idea of putting two of the Canadiens' more epic shootout/penalty moments together. I remember thinking after Gionta got the job done that the move looked pretty familiar, but I didn't put two and two together and realize that the current captain had taken inspiration from the last captain. It's little things like this that stick out as great moments.

All your goals are belong to Max


Max Pacioretty who has been labelled a "perimeter player" "streaky" and "another Mike McPhee" scored 39 goals this season. Let's look at them all shall we?

Subban stars in new Boston Pizza commercial

Subban's charisma is part of what sets him apart in the NHL, and he's just beginning to scratch the surface of what he can bring in for endorsements.

Emelin lays out Datsyuk and Jurco


It's been a tough year for Alexei Emelin, although things seem to be getting better as the Russian defender is up to his old ways, hitting everything in sight. If Emelin is on his game he's one of the best hitters in the NHL. Hopefully he keeps up his devastating hits in the playoffs, for Montreal's sake.

Pacioretty's 5 point night versus Ottawa


Remember in October when some fans wanted Pacioretty traded because he was a 'perimeter' player that was too soft? Well, he now sits 4th in goals this year, having missed 9 games. For the record, he's signed until 2019 for a mere $4.5M per year. Enjoy this video of his 5 point night versus the Senators.

Douglas Murray head shot on Kostka


The good news is that Kostka was 'ok' (a relative term, he did appear to suffer a brain injury), but the bad news is that it was definitely a head shot, and probably worthy of a suspension. Due to the 'fencing response' we can assume that Kostka was concussed on the play.

Emelin destroys Lucic with a clean hip check. Chara gets mad


Alexei Emelin looks to be back to his old ways. He quickly set the tone in this game by demolishing his rival Milan Lucic. Of course, Zdeno Chara lacks the mental capacity to process that it was clean, and received a penalty for the retaliation.

Vanek's hat trick video


Thomas Vanek put 20 shots on net in his first 5 games as a member of the Montreal Canadiens. Most said his luck was bound to change, and last night it did. Vanek scored a hat trick to secure the Habs win over the Avalanche.

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