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Matt Schaub Dodges Golf Cart, More Injury


This season hinges on how many errantly driven golf carts Matt Schaub can avoid. This is a step in the right direction.

Texans Using Pistol Formation?


This is pretty interesting to think about. The Texans have been using this formation during training camp and Head Coach Gary Kubiak has noted it could be an option for the team to use in 2013.

Time to start reading up on the formation and imagining the possibilities!

And to be clear, the Pistol formation doesn't mean the read option will be used.

Undrafted Rookie OLB vs All Pro LT


Imagine you're a small-schooled, undrafted rookie linebacker. You're young and eager to prove yourself. Now imagine lining up across a 300+ pound, All Pro, monster-of-a-man Left Tackle. Ah, the joys of training camp!

CBS: Texans Training Camp Preview


A summary of the Texans' situation and preview of training camp coming up by CBS Sports.

Lakers Sign 7'3" C Greg Somogyi and F Reeves Nelson


Eh, I understand why they'd sign Greg, there's always a need for 7 footers. But Reeves? Interesting. It looks like he may get a 2nd chance. It's going to be and uphill battle though, he has to compete with Morris, Glock and the rookies for a roster spot.

Final Training Camp Practice Ever At UAlbany?


Tuesday afternoon the New York Giants will hold their final practice of the 2012 training camp at UAlbany. The question of the day is, will the Giants ever be coming back to Albany?

Camp Confidential: Carolina Panthers


Pat Y has his take up on the Panther's TC and season outlook.

Photos from Seahawks Training Camp - August 8th, 2012 (Terrell Owens' first Seahawks practice)


Here are the photos I took from today's training camp session 8-8-12, there are 565 pics. I resized and loaded them onto my photobucket page (sorry if some are blurry, I didn't have time to go thru each one and process). Let me know what you think!

Training Camp 2012 Early Impressions


Who has the hardest hit so far? What receivers are a stretch to make the team? What player got yelled at the most? Who is shining and who is not? Some early impressions after a few days of camp.

The Hope Of Opening Day


So much hope for the Denver Broncos the first day of camp. Here are a few of mine. Let the games begin!

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