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Bulldogs outperformed by rival Marlies

With Hamilton and Toronto knotted up in the North Division standings, both teams were looking to claim the division lead going into the weekend.

Game Thread: Bulldogs vs Marlies

The Bulldogs take on the Marlies in the first of two weekend games for the Bulldogs.

An update on Pat Burns


I ran into a friend who recently spoke to the Burns family. Not a lot to report, but Burns and his wife Lynne recently sold their New Hampshire summer home, and are currently spending this summer in Quebec. Though obviously declining in health, the fact he was able to make the trip from Tampa to Quebec is a positive sign. I did up a brief piece on my site and I hope to chat up my contact a bit more, and if I get any updates, I will pass them on.

Consternation In Leaf Nation Over Stanley's Vanishing Bands


For someone interested in the history of the Stanley Cup, the best book you'll find is called "Lord Stanley's Cup" by Andrew Podnieks. Rich in factual detail, the 253 page coffee table book...

The Birth Of The NHL - A Twisted Toronto Tale


Eddie Livingstone was the principal owner of the Toronto Blueshirts, a predecessor of the Maple Leafs in the seasons prior to the formation of the National Hockey League. His many battles with...

The Playoff Picture


Here's how the Eastern Conference playoff picture looks heading into the final two weeks. Each team away games are in capital letters.Current Standings - March 306-Tampa Bay 88 (78-42-32-4) was* /...

Habs Have Little Margin For Error


With a mere seven days remaining in the Montreal Canadiens regular season, it appears that only 2 teams other than themselves, can help determine their fate. The key is what they,...

Habs Show Up Late For Date With Leafs


Yeah, I feel like writing this about as much as you feel like reading it, Habs fans.I'll be as brief as my disgust allows me to be - that and I have to get up for 5 A.M., clock rolled back and all!T...

Habs Set To Enter The Leafs Twilight Zone


The 2007-08 season fourth installement of the Canadiens / Maple Leafs rivalry should be a fun game to watch, considering all the perspectives of doom attached to the game.The Habs are coming off...

Leafs Eliminated Tribute Part 2


Yesterday I posted a couple of dozen pictures, comics, and cartoons in mock tribute to the Toronto Maple Leafs getting a head start on golf season, as requested by a friend's son - one of those...

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