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Kings 2, Canadiens 5


I found myself shaking my head so many times while at Staples that I couldn't even keep count, but it wasn't just because of the Kings. There were so many other things going on in Staples that the...

10 Good Reasons For A Better 2007-08 Season


It is distressing, albeit I'm not surprised, to find that many a Habs fan are choosing to focus on what failed to happen during this off season, rather than what positives the latest changes can...

Wecome Back Habs, Kovalev!


Yesterday started out as a good one for me. I finished a 12 hour shift at 7 in the morning and walked outside to relative sunshine and warmth. Not only had the day been anticipated and calendar...

Confident Habs Hoodwink Bruins 6-1


Finally a little breathing room!They got ahead, they stayed ahead, and they rarely looked back.Don't we wish the Habs could win them all this handily.Through the first seven games of the season,...

The Trouble With Lopsided Wins


As everyone did, I enjoyed the Habs pounding of the Hurricanes last night.Thumbs up to a killer power play and a four point game for Tomas Plekanec. Kudos to the toughness of Tom Kostopoulos and...

Canadiens Squeak Out OT Win


I've lots to say on Saturday' s win over the flightless birds, without a cohesive thread of thought or storyline to follow. This game was very similar to Friday night's win over Carolina, so in the...

Hab Put The Boot To Flyers


What more could you ask for from a game of hockey?This Canadiens - Flyers contest was a game that had everything going for it, from a pair of pre - game controversies, passing through an...

What A Difference A Year Makes!


Last night's tight 2-1 win over the Bruins wasn't quite boredom personified as it was a chess game of patience and piece fitting. For 60 minutes, the Habs rarely lost their heads or their...

Habs Dismantle Dumb Bruins


Was this an exciting game?Does Jiri Tlusty enjoy photography?Talk about your gunpowder induced barnburners, this game had everything but a jersey retirement - that comes Monday!As the third period...

Habs Report Cards Are In


Things are looking up!It is just past the one quarter mark of the season, and since my kids just came home with their report cards, I thought it a fitting time to give the Canadiens their...

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