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Canadiens Dropped Again Despite Spirited Effort

Some random notes in random order on tonight's Canadiens loss to Ottawa.As things continue downhill for the Habs, I must admit to not being terribly fond of doing an in depth game analysis. Since...

Habs Hopes Derailed By Many Factors

Call this a pre-post mortum.In the midst of a playoff stretch drive that has the Canadiens buggered by more issues than a Courtney Love counselling session, here are some of the complications that...

Canadiens Need Identity Makeover.

The title might seem harsh, but the truth is tough teams win Cups.With that fact in mind, the Canadiens do need an identity makeover, to some extent. Not an overhaul, mind you, but the Habs need...

Begin: Habs Are A Greatly Improved Team

(Robert L Note: Transcribed from Le Journal De Montreal, August 29, 2007.)Canadiens forward Steve Begin doesn't give a damn about the pessimist predictions of publications such as THN, who suggest...

Confident Habs Hoodwink Bruins 6-1

Finally a little breathing room!They got ahead, they stayed ahead, and they rarely looked back.Don't we wish the Habs could win them all this handily.Through the first seven games of the season,...

Kostitsyn Sits In Sin

There will be no passengers allowed on the Canadiens train this season. Work hard and keep your seat. Failing to do so earns you a view from binocular row.That seems to be the message, albeit a...

What A Difference A Year Makes!

Last night's tight 2-1 win over the Bruins wasn't quite boredom personified as it was a chess game of patience and piece fitting. For 60 minutes, the Habs rarely lost their heads or their...

Habs Report Cards Are In

Things are looking up!It is just past the one quarter mark of the season, and since my kids just came home with their report cards, I thought it a fitting time to give the Canadiens their...

Habs Sit Begin And Kostopoulos Against Predators

Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau decided earlier today that he is ready to ruffle some feathers in a bid to spark a sagging Montreal Canadiens offense.Veterans Steve Begin and Tom Kostopoulos,...

The Power Of Team Effort.

It was a comeback of unforeseen proportions.In the 99 year history of the Montreal Canadiens, no edition of the Habs, not the fifties five in row dynasty, not the four in a row Cup champs of the...

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