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PSA: The draft is not for immediate returns


A mock draft is a guessing game, and tying a team's immediate situation to the guess is a sign of how wildly a mock draft is guessing.

Sunday Night Leafs Hockey?


Could the new NHL-Sportsnet deal see the Leafs anchoring a new marquee weekly hockey show?

NHL on TSN is no more

In an amazing bit of irony, TSN insider Bob McKenzie broke the news that TSN's NHL coverage is no more.

The Importance Of Grit & Winning


What is Grit? Sportsnet has figured it all out and we look at how important grit is to winning teams.

DMNT and Cadettes perfect, Wiggins, Olynyk here


The Development Men's Team going 9-0, the Cadette's starting off 2-0, Andrew Wiggins impressing in week one on campus, Kelly Olynyk in the Draft, Jack Donahue, Warren Ward signs a contract in...

Zeitgeist: Sportsnet's New "Luongo Central™" Show


Sportsnet is proud to announce Luongo Central,a daily six-hour long roundtable show focused solely on the Canucks' goaltender. Hockey's best analysts will break-down every minute of Luongo's days...

Would you miss HNiC on CBC?


The station's rights to the iconic program are soon to expire, and with the show under criticism, show we embrace the possibility of the change?

Former sportscaster Damian Goddard goes on the attack against same-sex marriage


Earlier this year when sports agent Todd Reynolds Tweeted his disappointment with Sean Avery's support of gay marriage, then-Sportsnet broadcaster Damian Goddard Tweeted his opposition to marriage...

Subban's Super Bowl Party Rankles Traditionalists


Montreal defenseman P.K. Subban's exciting play style and flamboyant personality have drawn the ire of many critics in his career. Now, you can add a Super Bowl party to the list of ways P.K. has...

Myck, Nash, Bennett and more in Canadian Content


In case you didn't now already (and you should) Myck Kabongo is out for the season, Steve Nash is eyeing his return in days, Anthony Bennett is still ballin' out and a lot more in this edition of...

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