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Stanley Cup Images From 100 Seasons

Perhaps it is because the trophy is the hardest and most arduest to win in all of sport, that those who lay claim to it, treasure every moment alongside. Winning players have been known to kiss and caress it, drink from it, place their babies in it, and party with it all they can. Fans of all ages and nationalities seek to have their photo taken with it.

How Hard Is It For A First Round Pick To Win A Stanley Cup?

James Mirtle had an interesting numbers crunch this morning, showing how hard it is for an NHL'er to win the Stanley Cup. James' stats show what a small percentage of players playing at least on NHL game get to hoist the 33 pound mug. That got me wondering how many first round picks get to snuggle up to Lord Stanley's chalice?

Hockey Books For The Christmas Season

I went down to my local bookstore early this evening and finally got my hands on this years NHL "Official Guide And Record Book", about two months later than usual.Once there, I couldn't believe my...

Crosby Explodes For 6 Points - Leads League In Scoring

Sidney Crosby's Reebok " I am what I am" commercial begins with the superstar listing things he has no control over. The list of inconsequencials never mentions the growing multitude...

Koivu Stars Again As Habs Suffocate Crosby

The atmosphere in the Bell Centre was buzzing with anticipation as the usual full house crowd of 21,273 gathered for the first visit of Sidney Crosby and the red hot Penguins. I...

The Hockey New Years Wish List

Here's a list of New Years wishes for the players and personalities, teams and organization that make hockey the greatest game on Earth.To the Canadian boys in Sweden at the WJC - another...

Sidney Crosby Timbit Card

I've had some folks asking me lately if the Sidney Crosby Timbit card from the commercial was available for sale. They wanted to see if his minor hockey league stats would be on the back of it.I'm...

It Takes A Village To Raise A Phenom

(RC Note - Here's a interesting article on Sidney Crosby's youth, growing up as a player in Cole Harbour, N.S. It's from Terry Jones of the Sun Media, and is reprinted in its entirety. It...

Unveiling Of New NHL Reebok Jersey's - The Wait Continues

Still waiting to see Reebok's 30 new NHL jerseys?Yeah, so am I.Seems all were getting for now is a prudent sneak peak via the All-Star duds, of what's to come.Today was supposed to be the day of...

Ovechkin Wins Shooter Competion

Well, kinda...If you were one of those wondering what the heck happened to Ovechkin during the skating drill, you're not alone.According to Martin Leclerc of Le Journal de Montreal,...

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