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"Don't Change That Dial!" Well I did, thankfully!

How I became a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, and saved myself over 35 years of grief.

Did the Canadiens deserve to win in 1979?

It was one of the greatest showdowns of all time, so let's revisit the defining moment of the Habs/Bruins rivalry.

Remember How Sunday NHL Hockey on NBC Used To Be?


Looking back on a 1974 NBC NHL broadcast between the Montreal Canadiens.and the Philadelphia Flyers.

So a player called out a coach the other day....and ??


A player complaining about his coach is really nothing new, in Montreal though Andre Kostitsysn's comments released the hounds.

Scotty Bowman, And The Undoing Of The Canadiens Dynasty


Thirty years ago today, on May 21, 1979, the Canadiens beat the New York Rangers 4-1 to claim their 22nd Stanley Cup. Few knew on that day, that it would be the last game coached by Scotty...

Stanley Cup Name Trivia


It is often assumed, and rightly so, that to get one's name on the Stanley Cup, one must have to work at it.In some instances, certain players have had to work at it harder than others.As...

On This Day, 30 Years Ago


In a season where they set NHL records for wins with 60 and points with 132, the Montreal Canadiens won the 20th Stanley Cup on May14, 1977. It was the 20th Cup in team history and their second of...

Remembering Sam


by ERIC DUHATSCHEKFrom the Globe and Mail, Monday August 20, 2007(Robert L Note: I've reprinted this Duhatschek article to archive it - it is so interesting! Simply linking to pieces from online...

How NHL Ironman Jarvis Became A Hab


The story behind how current Canadiens assistant coach Doug Jarvis became a Hab is a very interesting tale of Sam Pollock larceny.Of the many thieveries made by Good Trader Sam, the Jarvis deal...

Once Upon A Time, The Canadiens Made The Blues Legit


The Canadiens are in St. Louis tonight to play the Blues in a rare Sunday night game. Often when the Canadiens and Blues meet, I think back to all the players who have shared both jerseys over the...

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