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If Dryden Had Been A Bruin


Robert L Note - I found this gem of a story courtesy of Bertrand Raymond in today's Le Journal de Montreal. Only the translation and a portion of the content are mine. EnjoySam Pollock, considered...

A Dynasty Undone - What Became Of The SeventiesCanadiens


With the trade deadline fast approaching and the Canadiens fortunes slipping by the day, my attention soon turned to the teams soon to be UFA's, namely Markov, Souray, and Rivet on defense. While...

Debunking The French Canadien Territorial RuleMyth


There is a popular myth, longstanding in fact, and surely perpetrated by decades of Maple Leafs frustration that the Montreal Canadiens superiority from the early 1950's to the late 1970's was due...

Where Canadiens History Changed Course


The recent passing of the Canadiens legendary General Manager Sam Pollock has revived looks into his accomplishments over his 14 years at the helm of the Habs from 1964 to 1978. The achievements of...

Remembering Sam


by ERIC DUHATSCHEKFrom the Globe and Mail, Monday August 20, 2007(Robert L Note: I've reprinted this Duhatschek article to archive it - it is so interesting! Simply linking to pieces from online...

Harper And Brisebois, Both Targets Of Boo Birds


Terry Haper was the first player that I ever heard get booed by his own fans! Little did I know then - as a Habs fan who started watching games at age 7 in 1969 - that he's hardly be the last. P...

"God sure liked me that day" - Claude Ruel


Transcribed from Bertrand Raymond's Le Journal de Montreal column, November 20, 2007Former Canadiens coach, scout, and man for all purposes Claude Ruel was absent from the Bell Centre Monday night,...

The Story Of How Bob Gainey Became A Canadien


At Eyes On The Prize, I have often written about the present, spoken about the future's promises, and delved into the past.This next little tale, a flashback of sorts, is how events can all collide...

Don Cherry Was Almost A Montreal Canadien, Not!


Everyone has heard the old Don Cherry tale of playing his lone NHL game against the Canadiens in the 1955 playoffs. Few people realize that Cherry once donned the Habs jersey he would later grow to...

Of Near Brushes With Habness, And The Canadiens Working On The Railroad


Hockey and the railways have a strong connection and have played an important part in uniting Canada. From the famous locomotive works in Stratford, Kingston and Montreal, to the railway hubs in...

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