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New "Memorandum of Understanding" reached between KHL/NHL


Via tweet from Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy. This has a more explanatory version of how the leagues will respect each other's player's contract statuses.

Chesnokov: Petrov signs contract extension with AK Bars (KHL)


On to plan B? Chesnokov is awaiting information on length of the extension and sometimes these stories aren't accurate and a "negotiating tactic," but he is well connected. It was always worth the gamble with a 3rd round pick, but if this is the case, look for his immediate removal from my "Top Islanders Under 25" list.

Austin Daye interview on HoopsHype


Austin Daye discusses playing in Russia, getting acclimated to Moscow, and hoping for a resolution to the NBA lockout. http://blogs.hoopshype.com/blogs/zarrabi/2011/11/10/austin-daye-im-eager-to-come-home/

"He’s my favorite basketballist"

...[A]long the avenues in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, the enclave of Russian immigrants, those who professed to be Knicks fans said they were pleased that Timofey Mozgov, a Russian who was also sent to Denver as part of the deal, had served a higher purpose in bringing in a superstar. "Carmelo is legend," Paata Abuladze, 36, from Georgia, the former Soviet republic, said on Brighton Beach Avenue. "He’s my favorite basketballist, after Kobe Bryant." Mr. Abuladze speculated that Mr. Mozgov might end up with the Nets, whose principal owner is a Russian oligarch, Mikhail Prokhorov.

GAME THREAD: Canada vs. Russia!


After a not-so-easy win for the US team over the Swiss, the Canadians take on the Russians! SB Nation is hosting a game thread on the front page. Join in!

Mike Jacobs' Career May One Day Equal Barry Bonds'


Over at Beyond the Box Score, xanthan takes at look at historical Wins Above Replacement to see how long it would take some current players, at their career rates, to catch up with Barry Bonds. For A-Rod, it's about 9.6. For Pujols, it's 11.42. For Jeter, it's 21.51. Some joker asked about Mike Jacobs. Hey, it could happen... check the comments for the number of seasons it would take Mr. 32 Home Runs.

UNC Football's Parallels to Post-Communist Russia

Tar Heel Mania does Every Day Should Be Saturday. And read the comments to find out which Georgia footblogger secretly wanted to go to Carolina.
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