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Game Thread: Habs at Pens and Gill's 1000th

A pair of injury infested teams meet up Thursday night, as the Montreal Canadiens visit the Pittsburgh Penguins.

10 Good Reasons For A Better 2007-08 Season


It is distressing, albeit I'm not surprised, to find that many a Habs fan are choosing to focus on what failed to happen during this off season, rather than what positives the latest changes can...

Hamrlik Burning With Anticipation


Transcibed from Le Journal De Montreal, August 17, 2007.The Canadiens most important off season aquisition is burning with anticipation, anxious to start a new season in Montreal.Hamrlik is...

Begin: Habs Are A Greatly Improved Team


(Robert L Note: Transcribed from Le Journal De Montreal, August 29, 2007.)Canadiens forward Steve Begin doesn't give a damn about the pessimist predictions of publications such as THN, who suggest...

Habs On A Golf Course


Yes, of course, this usually signifies training camp is about to get underway, but I find seeing Habs players anywhere near a green such an ominous sight.The occasion is always a charity event, but...

Relax, It's Meaningless


Yes, last nights effort against the Penguins wasn't pretty, but a little perspective - please.Many looked at the game lineups and figured rightly that one half of the Habs team could easily do away...

Longest Summer Finally Over


Rejoice fans of Les Habitants - the time has finally arrived!The time where we can finally ditch the rear view mirror of 2006-07 and start looking forward to the next Stanley Cup pursuit.It all...

A Thing About Character


Beyond the thin silver lining of gaining an overtime point in this 4-3 loss to the Maple Leafs, a trend has become apparent from game 2 this season and game 82 of the last. The Canadiens have an...

Confident Habs Hoodwink Bruins 6-1


Finally a little breathing room!They got ahead, they stayed ahead, and they rarely looked back.Don't we wish the Habs could win them all this handily.Through the first seven games of the season,...

What A Difference A Year Makes!


Last night's tight 2-1 win over the Bruins wasn't quite boredom personified as it was a chess game of patience and piece fitting. For 60 minutes, the Habs rarely lost their heads or their...

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