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Crosby Explodes For 6 Points - Leads League In Scoring

Sidney Crosby's Reebok " I am what I am" commercial begins with the superstar listing things he has no control over. The list of inconsequencials never mentions the growing multitude...

Playoff Tuned Habs Ready To Roll Over Any First Round Opponant

If you were tuned into the RDS Sports 30 sports news after last night's game, you might have heard from commentator Reneaud Lavoie, that according to a well informed source within the Canadiens...

Habs Playoff Picture Getting Clearer

At the end of Friday night's games, with two days left in the regular season, here is what is known about the Eastern Conference playoff teams.Philadelphia, who beat New Jersey 3-0, has clinched a...

Habs For Breakfast - Ready To Rumble...Just Not Downtown, Please!

I should start off talking of the Flyers here first, but....As a Canadiens fan who does not live in the city of Montreal, I was quite shaken and embarrassed by the events that followed Monday's...

Habs For Breakfast - Calling Habs In Five!

Maybe after 19 years, the Flyers will finally shake hands with the Canadiens?In 1989, the last time these two teams met, the six game series that the Canadiens won ended without handshakes due to a...

Philadelphia Scouting Report Gives Habs Slight Edge

Robert L Note: I came upon this piece at Philly.com in which Daily News sports scribe Ed Barkowitz gives his opinion on which team has the edge in 6 crucial categories. It's an interesting piece,...

Habs For Breakfast - A Wild Way To Start Things Off

Man is this series is going to live up to it's billing! Talk about drama and turning points.Game 1 was one of those games that just had it all, from swift shifts in the games pace to spectacular...

Habs For Breakfast - Canadiens Let One Slip Away

I'm in a foul mood!As you have undoubtably seen and will read through today's link, the Canadiens kicked total butt last night, but couldn't thread the needle.They made a lucky Biron look, by...

Habs For Breakfast - Crunch Time

Game 3 will be a pivotal one for the Canadiens, after having lost home ice advantage in the series against the Flyers. The Habs who have been good on the road this season, good enough for the...

Habs For Breakfast - Time Is Tight In More Ways Than One

My apologies to regular readers who tune in for these "Breakfast" posts, today's links were thrown up here in a mad hurried rash due to a busy Friday schedule on my part.For that reason, I am...

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