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VOTE: Who Wore It Best: #71

The number 71 has been worn by four players for the Habs in over a 100 years of history, but only two qualify so far. So who wore it better?

Why Brisebois?


Like many other readers who were as caught off guard by this as I was, when I heard that former Canadiens defenseman Patrice Brisebois and Habs GM Gainey were seen having lunch together, all that...

Can Patrice Be Price Worthy?


Talk of Patrice Brisebois returning as a Montreal Canadiens has ignited much lively discussion of late, as news has it, an offer from the defenseman sits on Bob Gainey's desk.I didn't initially...

Brisebois Brings More Questions Than Answers


I dreaded having to write this post - trust me!My IP crashed last evening, so I liken this to waking up next to that unattractive stranger of a hundred unfunny jokes and worstcase nightmares,...

Harper And Brisebois, Both Targets Of Boo Birds


Terry Haper was the first player that I ever heard get booed by his own fans! Little did I know then - as a Habs fan who started watching games at age 7 in 1969 - that he's hardly be the last. P...

Habs On A Golf Course


Yes, of course, this usually signifies training camp is about to get underway, but I find seeing Habs players anywhere near a green such an ominous sight.The occasion is always a charity event, but...

Lindros A Canadien? Non, Sacré Bleu!


I think some journalists get silly kicks by launching mindless rumours just to see how far they'll fly! The past week has featured a batch of silly hockey related stories, each one getting dumber...

Make It Or Break It Time


As the Canadiens prepare to meet the Ottawa Senators in tonight's final exhibition contest, it will be do or die time for several hopefuls attempting to make the 2007-08 Habs squad.For certain...

Good, Bad, And Not Too Much Ugly Versus Sens


There are three ways to see things, in occurance with the Canadiens final pre-season matchup against the Senators. I employ the word "see" with journalistic liberty as I didn't get to actually take...

Price Too Much For Leafs


To quote former Habs coach Jacques Demers on RDS about Carey Price after this win, "I have never seen a goalie with this much talent, have such coolness and composure at the age of 20!"No kidding...

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