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Stock makes stuff up on HNiC, gets mad

Hockey Night in Canada is never a place where you can expect hyper-intelligent hockey discussion, but P.J. Stock took it to a new low last weekend, and we got some funny results.

Dave Stubbs gives EOTP glowing praise


Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette had a long chat with P.K. Subban recently about his ongoing contract talks. The quotes Subban gives in the interview are gold, especially the one printed at the very top. But the best part about the interview in our humble and biased opinion is that Stubbs mentions EOTP: "Not Subban nor Meehan nor Bergevin will confirm the dollars or term either side is offering. But the website habseyesontheprize.com, a lucid voice that offers exhaustive, balanced analysis of the Subban case, lists no fewer than six dozen NHL defencemen of less impact (in their view) who annually earn more than $3 million." Thanks to Dave for that!

Video: An interview with Mike Boone


Last Friday my good friend Mike Boone was nice enough to stop by my place for a bit and have a chat about his career, hockey, and Habs. Here's what resulted.

Are the Habs immune to an NHL lockout?


Dave Stubbs of the Gazette breaks down the shocking news from today that the NHLPA is not a certified union by the Quebec labour board, and due to this, the Canadiens might not be able to lock out the players employed by the team. All this seems to mean thus far is that the Canadiens players should get their full salaries in the event of a lockout. However fans are already speculating at the idea of intrasquad exhibition games or friendlies against teams from other leagues. In any case, after weeks of boredom in regards to the CBA negotiations, things just got a little interesting.

Figure Skating is for Little Girls (Question Mark)


The Montreal Fringe Festival will feature a show by former Canadian skater (and short-time Tanith Belbin skating partner, if you believe Wikipedia) Liam Dougherty titled "Figure Skating is for...

Don't Rush Price: Kolzig


(Note: A commenter of this piece has linked to my Habs 75 goalies post from a few days back. In case anyone has missed Stubbs' articles, both sections of it are reprinted below. Following the...

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