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Injuries Responsible For Habs 8th Place Finish In 2008-09


Concerning the Canadiens so called disastrous 2008-09 season, I get asked quite often - via e-mails, questions in on site comments, through friends, relatives, acquaintances, and rank strangers -...

Hockey Ladies Of (Writing) Greatness


(RC Note - That's mine, my soon to be 12 year old Poke Check, with her Player of the Game award from a recent tourney, third from the left.)Ever so often while scanning through anothers blog site,...

Habs All Over Ovechkin In More Ways Than One


Alexander Ovechkin is quite the newsmaker, on and off the ice. As the great 8 gets a firmer handle on the English language, the Russian star will surely be a media and blogger story trigger for...

Canadiens Edge Sabres On Ryder's Late Goal


It was a game played in two separate halves this evening as the Canadiens held on to defeat the Buffalo Sabres.In a game of lucky bounces, it seemed as though two different Buffalo squads showed...

Can Any Weight Be Read Into Simon Suspension?


The verdict on the Chris Simon stick swinging incident is in and, surprise, surprise, the NHL has set a precedent with a 25 game suspension.I fell out of my chair, and I wasn't even sitting down!F...

Acknowledgement...It's A good Thing!


From the pages of Sports Business Daily comes this little nod for EOTP.This is a subcription only site that I'll be checking into on occasion.When I termed the NHL's call on the Chris Simon...

Habs Elimination A Stairway Step To Better Days


Funny thing... it's not the end of the world as I thought it would be. But, before getting to the silver linings that are sure to sew better days, an analysis of tonight's loss by the Canadiens is...

The Inseparable Komisarek and Higgins


Transcribed from Pierre Durocher of Le Journal De MontrealNew York natives Mike Komisarek and Chris Higgins are the best of friends who train together in the off season on Long Island. The pair...

10 Good Reasons For A Better 2007-08 Season


It is distressing, albeit I'm not surprised, to find that many a Habs fan are choosing to focus on what failed to happen during this off season, rather than what positives the latest changes can...

Habs Youth Core Ready To Emerge


For the upcoming 2007-08 season, much of the Canadiens progress as a team will be measured by the growth of a select group of young individuals set to make a permanent mark on the team. What they...

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