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Reviewing two years of Therrien


It's been two years since Marc Bergevin hired Michel Therrien, so where are the Habs headed with him?

Subban's mystifying misuse

Tuesday night's matchup was a microcosm of the entire 2013-14 season for the Canadiens. Poor coaching, bad defense, Price saving their bacon, and Subban being underused.

What's Therrien doing with the forward lines?

I've noticed a lot of confusion lately with the way Michel Therrien is deploying his forwards, and I've got some fairly simple answers for you.

Canadiens fire back at the Mayor


During last night’s game against the Islanders, Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre tweeted out this, "Hello? Can we get a one-way ticket to [American Hockey League] Hamilton for David Desharnais please …" Michel Therrien was no to happy with the mayor’s comment on his player and had this to say, "I really believe this is inappropriate from our mayor," Teammate Max Pacioretty also had something to say about hit former linemate, "I’m very, very upset about that," "What, do you think he’s gonna coach our team tomorrow? That’s embarrassing … "To bring down a player — such a great person, such a great player, such a hard worker … Davey’s a true competitor and he’s a great player and a great teammate, and that’s just so uncalled for … It’s only going to make matters worse." Assistant captain Josh Gorges also chimed in by saying, "it’s wrong to kick someone when they’re down." We all understand everyone is frustrated with David Desharnais play, but I really like what his coach and teammates did here. Even though Therrien and the rest of the team know he isn’t playing well they stand behind him and back him up.

Michel Therrien's player usage

There are a lot of people who seem to be freaking out over Michel Therrien's player usage this past season and what that means for the coming year, but should they be?

Video: Galchenyuk learns he's made the Habs

This new 24/7 style series that the Canadiens are doing has already had it's first priceless moment.

The Warmup - What are your expections for Price?


After a bit of a down season, mostly through no fault of his own, Carey Price is a set to have possibly the biggest impact on the Habs he's ever had. Is he up to the challenge?

P.K. Subban: Elite Defender

P.K. Subban has a lot of critics, people who don't realize just how good he really is. Here's an outline of just where he sits compared to the rest of the league.

The Warmup - The Michel Therrien Effect


Jacques Martin wasn't a softie behind the bench, but Michel Therrien has the reputation of a real hard ass. In some respects this can be good, but will it work in Montreal?

Canadiens Press Conference


In a few short moments, the Canadiens will be holding a press conference on the end of the lockout.

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