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Canadiens And Sabres - A Rivalry In The Making


That little important point in the standings means so much more come April than it will now. Tonight, the Habs fell in a shootout the Buffalo, the third time in four meetings in...

"It's My Turn To Score..."


Translated from Pierre Durocher of Le Journal Even though the toughest games are yet to come for the Canadiens, with first rate opponants in the Senators Friday, and the Sabres the next night, Guy...

Habs Can't Get There From Here


Continuing in the rock song analogy mode, my favorite R.E.M. track has always been a funky mother of a tune called "Can't Get There From Here". It's from a disc called "Fables Of The...

The Inseparable Komisarek and Higgins


Transcribed from Pierre Durocher of Le Journal De MontrealNew York natives Mike Komisarek and Chris Higgins are the best of friends who train together in the off season on Long Island. The pair...

Ryder's On The Storm


Drafted 216th overall in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft, one could say that Michael Ryder was a draft day crap shoot that paid off with long shot dividends.Ryder has come a long way since that day,...

Canadiens Over The 50 Player Roster Limit


A breakdown of all the presently contracted players in the Montreal Canadiens organization shows that the Habs will be one over the maximum allowed limit of 50 players per team once RFA Michael...

Habs Should Imitate Senators


Habs GM Bob Gainey and the Montreal Canadiens have a long standing policy of not negotiating contracts in mid-season. Since 2003, Gainey has deviated from this only once, in order to extend captain...

Relax, It's Meaningless


Yes, last nights effort against the Penguins wasn't pretty, but a little perspective - please.Many looked at the game lineups and figured rightly that one half of the Habs team could easily do away...

Darkhorse D'Agnostini Turning Heads


With quotes from Habs Inside Out, dated 21/09/07"A star is born" was the quote from Habs grinder Steve Begin as the doors swung open to reporters following the Canadiens 3-2 exhibition win over the...

Limited Solutions For Canadiens PP Woes


So the Canadiens number one ranked power play of last season has gone south.Make that west!It's not difficult to see that the Habs 2 for 33 PP stinks so far without the focal point that was Sheldon...

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