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Three Greatest Habs Of All Time

Keeping with the Eyes On The Prize credo of highlighting winners from the past, present and future, I got a whole lot nostalgic today and decided to dig up some history on some favorite Canadiens...

Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe at 78

Many hockey experts have long considered Detroit Red Wings legend Gordie Howe as the greatest hockey player of all time.While times and era's shift, Howe, long a force of nature, remains perched at...

Clean Up Time For The Picture Folder

I accumulate a lot of pictures while checking out hockey sites. I save all kinds of them in document folders and create other files just to keep track of the links to where they came from, all with...

Maurice "Rocket" Richard

Ten years later, this scene still leaves me at a loss for words. This is the love of a public, the worship of it's proudest hero. Rocket felt it, big time.

Habs Koivu, A Captain For The Ages

Montreal Canadiens captain Saku Koivu, hero of Tuesday night's win over the Bruins, is on the brink of several interesting career milestones.The Habs 32 year old Finnish captain, the 28th man to...

The Rocket's Riot

RL - 52 years later, the Richard Riot is still brought up and discussed. Below, Buffalo sports writer and NFL expert Larry Felsner (Pro Football Hall Of Fame writer) tackles the fateful day in Habs...

Celebrating the 1955 - 59 Montreal Canadiens Greats

For those of you Habs fans that are interested in their great storied past and previous championships, hockey historian Joe Pelletier has a very comprehensive post about all the members of the...

Team Current Habs Versus Team Former Habs

So this post originated via an argument with know-nothing Leaf fan #1967....The quote from my blue and white bud brained aquaintance that set my blood to boil was...."The Canadiens ( pronounced...

...And The Habs Trivia Winner Is ?

Eddy Sauvestre - take a bow my man!You are the undisputed Montreal Canadiens Trivia Champion!Manon Patry - take a bow also!Both contestants answered 91 of 100 questions correctly, with the...

Habs Cariacatures Throughout The Years

While doing some online research on Bill Durnan, the next goalie to be featured in the series, I stumbled up an interesting site called McCord Museum, which specializes in many artforms, from...

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