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The Journey From the Nordiques to the Habs

Hailing from Quebec city, I used to be a fan of the Nordiques. How is it that I came to be a fan of the hated Habs?

Sunday Links: Moratoria Edition

Some hockey-related and Canadiens-related reads you may have missed from this week.



It appears that Eugene Melnyk's "Everybody Remain Calm" message has bore some short term fruition. With two surprising wins over rival Buffalo, the Sens may have begun to turn a nightmare start...

Brokeback Maple Leafs Mountain Dew


Production begins on film comedy about fictional former Maple LeafCanadian Press/www.nhl.comNov 24, 2006, 11:37 AM EST(RC Note - This is taken from this link. The title is mine, but I otherwise...

Driven Koivu Best of European Captains


A decade ago, the mere notion might have been unthinkable. Imagine, a European born player captaining a Canadian team! Don Cherry would have a fit! Today, there are 4 Europeans donning...

A Habs Fan's Leafs Appreciation Confession


( Robert L Note: I figure the above title is attention grabbing in a sense, but misleading in another, however don't expect this lifelong Canadiens supporter to profess a Leafs Love with what you...

All Eyes On Gainey As Deadline Approaches


It only took Michael Ryder to leave the Bell Centre on Sunday, sticks in hand, to get things started.The gestures of Bob Gainey and staff will be closely scrutinized. You'll hear about where every...

Habs Should Roll Out A "Welcome Mats" Sign Next Summer


Not that I should be thinking about the summer of 2008 with the Habs on the verge on clinching a playoff spot in about three wins time, but a story out of Toronto had me thinking about July in the...

Habs For Breakfast - 2008-03-17


A whole lotta Habs stuff today, culled from both the Sunday and Monday papers and onlines.Nothing anywhere in today's news looking back on what happened 53 years ago in relation to what's up with...

Gainey Delivers


Canadiens GM Bob Gainey has delivered on his promise to deal for an impact forward to strengthen the team's top offensive lines by acquiring winger Alex Tanguay from the Calgary Flames.Gainey may...

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