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All Eyes On Gainey As Deadline Approaches

It only took Michael Ryder to leave the Bell Centre on Sunday, sticks in hand, to get things started.The gestures of Bob Gainey and staff will be closely scrutinized. You'll hear about where every...

Habs Have Hots For Hossa

You have heard, and will continue to hear, rumours concerning Atlanta Thrasher's impending UFA Marian Hossa in the next 18 days. As trade deadline day looms large, the prospective landing...

And If Hossa Could Be Had?

Transcribed from Bertrand Raymond's column in today's Le Journal De MontrealPete Mahovlich is employed as a professional scout with the Atlanta Thrashers and he has taken in the last three...

Hossa Has One Foot In The Bell Centre

Robert L note: I was hearing about this Mathias Brunet piece from La Presse as early as 2 A.M. on CKAC. He it is transcribed. Oh boy!There is no other evidence as of yet that La Presse can use to...

The Saga Of The Hossa Glove Thickens

You can tell when parades and Stanley Cups are the minds of Montreal hockey fans and media alike when stories bordering on absurdity take on the realm of a believable scoop.Last week it was...

Habs For Breakfast - 2008-02-25

Sundin's Decision Changes Trade Market - TSN"Montreal and Ottawa appear to be the two front-runners for Marian Hossa's services and there is every reason to believe that this is a trade that could...

Gainey In A No Win Situation

The harsh reality of today's 3 P.M. deadline for Habs GM Bob Gainey, is that regardless of what he does, he will be unfairly maligned for it.No matter what the evolution of several unfolding...

Habs For Breakfast: Trade Deadline Day Edition

Robert L Note: This post will be augmented with the trade news of the day, and articles relating to it as the day progresses. Tune in a few times. Should there be updates concerning the Canadiens,...

For Sale: Never Used Pair Of Red, White And Blue Gloves

It's been a hectic two weeks leading up tp yesterday's 3 PM deadline, and in this morning after the big disappointment - and an oustanding Canadiens win - I'm still a little peeved at Bob Gainey.N...

Habs Should Roll Out A "Welcome Mats" Sign Next Summer

Not that I should be thinking about the summer of 2008 with the Habs on the verge on clinching a playoff spot in about three wins time, but a story out of Toronto had me thinking about July in the...

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