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More canceled games, season in danger


So I think we can all assume that this is no longer worth a full article, but a writeup must be done. We're used to the NHL canceling games by now, but this time it comes with an assumed drop date for the league. What does that mean? Well it means that if no CBA is reached by January 15th, the NHL is going nuclear and taking out the season. All the legal stuff that's been going on the past couple weeks seems to make that deadline a hell of a challenge to meet, so the doomsday sayers can begin their chanting now. Well, the doomsday sayers in regards to the NHL. People who think the world is going to end tomorrow (today in Australia and New Zealand) are still really, really stupid. 625 games have been canceled thus far, over 50% of the NHL schedule.

Grabs goes home


Grabner is heading back to Villach for what is currently planned to be a month. More summary/translation in the first post below:

Larry Coon Compares the New and Old CBAs


If you're interested in reading about the provisions in the new CBA, this article provides a wealth of information.

NBPA Rejects Owners Proposal, Plans to File Disclaimer of Interest


"The NBA Players' Association has decided not to accept or extend the opportunity to vote to all players after meeting for almost three hours in New York Monday to discuss the league's latest proposal. Billy Hunter announced the players have decided to file a disclaimer against the league and its owners. 'We've arrived at the conclusion that the collective bargaining process has completely broken down,' Hunter said." Goodbye, 2011-2012 NBA season.

What's gotten into Dan Gilbert?


p.s.- and did Yao Ming steal Shawn Bradley's bike???

Lockout and the Lotto


Well, good to see the Clips aren't guaranteed our #1 if there is no season.

Lockout salary loss calculator to the second


How many $$$ (by team or player) have been lost due to the lockout? So far (as of 8:28pm PT on Wednesday, November 9th) with 8 regular season days missed players for the Blazers have lost $3,568,184.40. Brandon Roy is losing $87,883.25 per day. Aldridge has lost $634,643.65 in total. Pretty crazy stuff.

The World Gone Black

The National Basketball League keeps returning to this curious state of balance, weights are given and taken and at each crucual juncture, we pronounc a tipping point. Once again, we're on the escarpment, looking down.
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